Facebook has finally rolled out M, its AI assistant with “M Suggestions”


Facebook has finally rolled out M, its AI assistant with M Suggestions to all Messenger users in the US.

For those who are unaware, M “is your helpful assistant in Messenger, powered by artificial intelligence.” And the latest feature, M Suggestion offers “suggestions by popping into an open conversation to suggest relevant content and capabilities to enrich the way people communicate and get things done,” Facebook said.

M Suggestions works by conducting analyses of user conversation and also looking for keywords to trigger its suggestive capabilities.

For example someone asks “where are you?” it will sendi a location or it will offer a small selection of stickers user may want to send in response to a message.

“The personalization is based on established patterns,” said Stan Chudnovsky, head of product for Messenger. “It’s the AI’s decision on what to serve and how.” The more you use it, the more it learns about your unique traits and personalises itself according to them.

Facebook M was initially announced in 2015, which was under testing phase with selected users and it will continue to be a testbed. “The original M was a testbed for a lot of things and will continue to be a testbed,” Chudnovsky said. “We get a lot of inspiration from that. Once we learn something, we’ll take certain pieces that we’ll expand to more people in a contextual way.”

Facebook is expected to launch more features in the coming days. “Expect to see more and more AI-powered, delightful and relevant experiences improving Messenger for you, every day,” Facebook said.

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Madhurima Goyal, From ITvoir News Desk