Facebook is reportedly working on a Video chat device


Facebook is reportedly working on its own smart speaker which would be its first major hardware product. It will be a video chat device with a laptop-like display measuring in between 13 to 15-inch touch screen.

According to the reports, Facebook, a social media giant, focuses primarily on video chats for the home. This hardware will be developed in the company’s experimental Building 8 lab. The company may announce it next year at the F8 Developer conference. This new device is still in the prototype phase and is being tested in people’s homes, as per the reports.

Along with the screen, the device may include a smart camera technology as well. In real life, it is still not sure how the smart camera will work. It will also include a wide-angled sensor. The camera will scan for people, automatically focus in given range and lock itself on them. Facebook is reportedly making a 360-degree camera for the device as well. However, by the time of its initial launch it might not be ready. It will also be ballooned with microphones and speakers, as it’s a video chat device.

Furthermore, Facebook is being said to use Android OS as its new operating system for video chat device. The company may launch the product in the $100 range, as per the reports.

It is worth adding that the mentioned video chat device is separate from the smart speaker that the company is rumored to be working upon. The speaker is reportedly being manufactured by a Chinese tech manufacturer, Pegatron and is said to come with a large display as well. Also, it may use the display made by LG.

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Himani Sharma, From ITvoir News Desk