Facebook terms India as the company’s strongest market


Facebook declared strong growth in its mobile ad business in its latest earnings call. But what you might have missed is how the social media giant fared in India, when it comes to monthly active users. During the Q4 2016 earning call, the company CFO David Wehner talked about the website’s monthly active users and how that number saw a huge growth in India.

When asked if any particular region contributed to Facebook‘s MAU growth in the Asia region, Wehner said that India had a clear impact in the APAC (Asia-Pacific) sector. He said the reason for this was increase in third party promotional free data plans.

“But then particularly in the fourth quarter I wanted to call out that we’ve seen an increase in third party promotional free data plans in places like India. So that clearly is having an impact in APAC and India was our strongest growth market. So that would be something that I would say was a little bit more unique this past quarter,” he said in the conference call.

He added that other than free data plans, the Asia region also benefitted mainly because of Internet.org efforts and Android product improvements.

Talking about the overall growth, Mark Zuckerberg had said that nearly 1.9 billion people are using Facebook every month “and more than 1.2 billion using it every day.” He also said that the total revenue grew by 51% year-over-year, reaching $8.8 billion.

It was also mentioned that the whole ‘fake news’ controversy had negligible impact on the company’s financial performance.

Zuckerberg added that Facebook expects increase in hiring talent and expenditure on videos and other priorities.

“We continue to focus on our three priorities – capitalizing on the shift to mobile, growing the number of marketers using our ad products, and making our ads more relevant and effective,” he said during the call.

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Sameeksha Bhardwaj, From ITvoir News Desk