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Farmland Partners (NYSE:FPI) has been upgraded to a hold rating by

Farmland Partners (NYSE:FPI) has been upgraded to a hold rating by

Farmland Partners (NYSE: FPI) was upgraded from a “sell” rating to a “hold” rating in a report that was published on Friday by the investment experts working at The report was available online.

Farmland Partners was given a “buy” rating by Janney Montgomery Scott, which indicated in a research note that was published on Friday that the company had upgraded the company from a “neutral” rating to a “buy” rating and that it had set a price objective of $16.00 for the company. This was a separate piece of news from the previous one.

On Friday, the FPI reached a new high of $13.27 after gaining $0.34 throughout the morning session. The total number of shares that changed hands was 879,713, significantly higher than the average daily volume of 285,692. The price-to-earnings ratio for the company is 69.85; the company has a beta value of 0.76, and its market cap is $724.33 million. Farmland Partners saw its price go as low as $10.62 over the previous year, and it went as high as that same number. The simple moving average of the company’s stock price over the past 50 days is $13.00, and the average over the last 200 days is $13.65.

In recent months, several institutional investors have shifted the proportion of their holdings comprised of FPIs. During the first three months of this year, JPMorgan Chase & Co. increased the percentage of Farmland Partners in which it was invested by 11.5%. JPMorgan Chase & Co. now owns a total of 60,483 shares, valued at $832,000. This is due to purchasing of 6,227 additional shares in the financial services provider during the most recent fiscal quarter. Raymond James & Associates increased the proportion of Farmland Partners shares it owned by 97.6 percent over the year’s first three months. Raymond James & Associates now has a total of 256,463 shares of the financial services provider’s stock, which are currently valued at $3,526,000 following the purchase of an additional 126,643 shares during the most recent quarter. These shares were purchased by Raymond James & Associates. During the first three months of the year, Farmland Partners saw a rise of 4.7% in the ownership stake it held in the Bank of New York Mellon Corporation. The Bank of New York Mellon Corp. now has 171,394 stock held by the financial services provider after purchasing an additional 7,637 shares during the most recent quarter. The stock is currently valued at $2,357,000. During the first three months of the year, Cambridge Investment Research Advisors, Inc. spent close to $225,000 to acquire an additional stake in Farmland Partners. Last but not least, during the first three months of 2018, HighTower Advisors LLC paid a total of approximately 163,000 dollars to acquire a new interest in Farmland Partners. Institutional investors hold a total ownership stake in the company that amounts to 46.51% of its total shares.

Property Partners, Inc. is an internally managed real estate company that offers financial assistance to farmers who owns excellent farmland in North America and is actively working to acquire more. These two facets of the company’s mission combine to make Property Partners Inc. a unique entity in the real estate industry. The company had control over a total area of more than 155,000 acres as of the date that this press release was published. These acres were spread out across 16 different states, including Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Nebraska, North Carolina, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Virginia. The company exercised control over these acres because they were located in 16 different states.


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