Fitbit to launch VirZoom VR bike to help users get fit


Want to get fit? Good news -now get fit and explore virtual reality.

The fitness tracker company, Fitbit, revealed a new partnership recently that allows users log sessions on the VirZOOM VR bike as workouts. While people are immersed as an F1 driver, tank commander, or ride a Pegasus, Fitbit will track these virtual excursions as if you are doing real-world training.

Metrics like timming of workout, distance pedalled and calories burned will be recorded, as well as heart rate if you have an HR-monitoring Fitbit.

As Fitbit notes, the collaboration offers a gamified approach to exercise, which might be a welcome change of pace from your usual jogs. This is a first for Fitbit, as well as a first in the world of fitness trackers.

In addition to a Fitbit users will need a VirZOOM bike and VR headset to take advantage of these features.

And that is not all from Fitbit. Fitbit announced two other partners joining the works: Habit and Peloton. Habit will basically use Fitbit data to churn out personalized food and nutrition plans. And while not a VR bike, Peloton is a stationary cycle that will now sync directly to Fitbit to track the workout sessions, perfect if users are stuck indoors during these winter months.

A while back, Fitbit started rolling out a new software update for its Blaze series of fitness-focused wearables. The update introduces a host of new features. Along with this, the company has also launched new Special Edition Gold Series of its Alta fitness tracker and Blaze fitness-focused smartwatch.

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Sameeksha Bhardwaj, From ITvoir News Desk