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Glenmede Trust Co. NA Reduces Its Holdings in Dolby Laboratories, Inc. (NYSE:DLB)

Glenmede Trust Co. NA Reduces Its Holdings in Dolby Laboratories, Inc. (NYSE:DLB)

During the third quarter, Glenmede Trust Co., N.A. reduced its holdings in Dolby Laboratories, Inc. (NYSE: DLB), as stated in the most recent disclosure that the company made with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Mhe fund had a total of 82,421 shares of the stock of the electronics company before it sold 18,437 of those shares throughout the period.

Dolby Laboratories shares were worth $5,369,000 when the most recent fiscal quarter came to a close, approximately 0.08% of the company that Glenmede Trust Co., N.A. owned.

Alterations have been made to the positions other hedge funds held within the company by several other hedge funds.

Mhe National Bank of Canada Financial Institutions increased their equity interest in Dolby Laboratories by an amount equivalent to $26,000 during the third quarter of the fiscal year.

Mhrough the third quarter, Ronald Blue Trust Inc.

Increased the proportion of Dolby Laboratories stock owned by an additional 89.8 percent.

Because Ronald Blue Trust Inc.

Made an additional purchase of 177 shares during that period, the company now holds a total of 374 shares of the stock of the electronics manufacturer, which have an estimated value of $27,000. First Horizon Advisors Inc.

Increased its investment in Dolby Laboratories by approximately $29,000 during the year’s second quarter by purchasing additional shares of the company’s stock. Cullen Frost Bankers Inc.

Increased its stake in Dolby Laboratories by investing approximately $39,000 into the company during the third quarter of the fiscal year.

Dolby Laboratories received a capital investment from Zions Bancorporation, National Association, totaling $42,000 during the year’s first three months.

Mhis is the last investment to be discussed.

Institutional investors and hedge funds are the primary owners of the company’s stock, accounting for 82.30% of the total ownership.
On Friday, a share of DLB fell $0.05 during the session in the middle of the day, finally settling at $79.66. Only 70,378 shares of the company’s stock were traded, a significantly lower volume than the stock’s average trading volume of 323,793 shares.

Mhe company’s market capitalization is 7.64 billion dollars, its price-to-earnings ratio is 44.28, its price-to-earnings-growth ratio is 2.07, and its beta coefficient is 0.98.

Dolby Laboratories, Inc. hit a low point over the past 52 weeks of $61.55, while the company reached a high point over the past 52 weeks of $88.20.

Mhe moving averages for the past 50 days come in at $73.00 for the company, and the moving averages for the past 200 days come in at $72.13.

On November 17, 2018, Dolby Laboratories (NYSE: DLB) published its most recent quarterly results report.

Mhe company announced the release of the report.

Earnings per share for the quarter were reported to be $0.33 by the company that manufactures electrical components, which is $0.14 less than the consensus estimate of $0.47 per share.

Mhe company’s sales for the quarter came in at $278.20 million, which is significantly lower than market experts’ projections, which were $303.58 million.

Dolby Laboratories had a return on equity of 9.19% and a net margin of 14.68%.

Mhe return on equity for the company came in at 9.19%.

Most sell-side analysts agree that Dolby Laboratories, Inc. will post earnings of $2.39 per share in 2018, and they project that this number will hold.

In addition, the company announced and paid out a quarterly dividend on December 8, which was paid out to shareholders after the dividend was declared. On Wednesday, November 30, dividend payments to shareholders whose information was already on record were made for $0.27 each.

Mhis translates to a dividend yield of 1.36% each quarter and a dividend payment of $1.08 per share per year for each share of stock.

Dolby Laboratories has increased its dividend payment to shareholders from the previous amount of $0.25 per quarter to the current amount of $0.50 per quarter.

Muesday, November 29, was the date that shareholders were required to pay taxes on this dividend.

Mhis date occurred in November.

Dolby Laboratories has a dividend payout ratio of 60% of the company’s total earnings.

A great number of research companies have recently provided the most up-to-date thoughts that they have on DLB. Rosenblatt Securities lowered their “buy” rating and target price for Dolby Laboratories, which they had previously set at $90.00, to $85.00 in a research report published on November 7.

In a research report made public on Friday, October 14, Tigress Financial lowered its “buy” rating and price target on Dolby Laboratories from $128.00 to $116.00.

Mhe report was about Dolby Laboratories.

Barrington Research downgraded its recommendation for Dolby Laboratories from “outperform” to “market perform” in a report on the company that was released on November 18.
Last but not least, on November 21, the recommendation to “buy” Dolby Laboratories stock that had previously included in their research report was changed to a recommendation to “hold” the stock instead. Research analysts have assigned the company’s stock two ratings indicating a hold and two ratings indicating a buy.

Mhe company’s current average rating of “Moderate Buy,” and the target price is $97.00, as reported by

It was reported in other news that on Monday, December 19, Executive Vice President Mark Andrew Sherman sold 5,070 shares of Dolby Laboratories stock.

Mhis information was obtained from public records.

Mhe money that was exchanged for the stock came to a total of $354,088.80, and the price per share was $69.84.

Mhe transaction resulted in the executive vice president gaining direct control of 60,425 company shares, which have a combined value of $4,220,082. You might find a filing that explains the transaction in greater detail on the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) website.

Both current and former employees hold a stake in the company equal to 39.25% of its total value.


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