Google Co-founder to announce his new company- “Essential”


There will not be anyone out there who doesn’t know the names of Google and Android. The company behind the tremendously popular mobile operating system – Android Inc., was founded by Andy Rubin and was sold to Google later. This also made Rubin an important part of Google and he oversaw the development of Android for quite some years. However, Rubin left Google in 2014.

As per the new report, Rubin is planning to announce his new company – Essential. It’s claimed to be a 40-member team comprised of former Google and Apple employees. The organization will reportedly focus on consumer hardware and is said to be working on a smartphone that will have “the ability to gain new hardware features over time.”

Besides hinting at a modular device, the report includes that the modular components will stick with the base device using a magnetic connector. The connector will charge the battery and also expand the features of the smartphone. One of the modules is said to be a 360-degree camera.

Also, the modular handset is said to have a bezel-less display. One of the models may also have a screen bigger than Apple’s 5.5-inch in iPhone 7 Plus. However, the overall footprint would be smaller due to lesser bezels. It is not sure if Essential’s first handset will run Android or a different OS altogether.

The report further includes that the proposed modular handset may support a metal frame and a ceramic back. As for the launch, it may come sometime in the middle of 2017 with a high price tag. So premium specifications can be expected.

The report also mentions that Rubin pitched the device to carrier operators at the recently concluded CES 2017 and Foxconn may build the smartphone.

By launching the new modular smartphone, Rubin will be directly going against Google, since the company shelved its ‘Project Ara’ modular smartphone back in September 2016.

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Sameeksha Bhardwaj, From ITvoir News Desk