Google invading SMB networking this summer: Report


After already have unveiled various technologies, like recently released next-gen technology with Glass, Google is not planning to upraise Wi-Fi network technology to small and medium sized businesses.

Google is planning released a discounted package for Wi-Fi network software and hardware to small and medium sized businesses, according to recent reports. The reported notified that the sources which provided the information accessed the confidential documents of the development.

Google will be offering commercial grade equipment for Wi-Fi access at a competitive discount, along with web-based software for SMBs to manage their network from anywhere.

However, the pricing of the package is not revealed yet.

This would require users to sign in their Google accounts that will allow the company gather more user information and also, target advertising.

Google is planning to share some amount of data with business owners that will help them in learning about their customer habits. However, nothing about this data that would be shared is clear yet.

This Google service would be released in this summer.

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