Google Maps Gets Motorcycle Mode in India


The Indian market has been a prime region of focus for Google and it gives an impression that the latest feature in Google Maps is an indicator of the same. Some users in India are viewing a new Motorcycle mode or Two-Wheeler mode in the latest version of Google Maps (v9.67.1) for Android. The new mode is seen placed along with the earlier alternatives – Car, Foot, and Train.

It was first reported by Android Police, the publication got a hold of screenshots from one such user in India and the photos illustrate that the new Motorcycle mode has been integrated to help bikers in the country to find the most appropriate route for their vehicles. Introducing such a product in India makes sense as a considerable chunk of the country’s workforce travels on motorbikes and there are fairly a few routes that are not wide enough for a bigger vehicle to fit in.

The report also asserts that there have been sightings of the mode only by Indian users, making it the first market for the feature. Also, Google CEO Sundar Pichai has recently commented about India playing an important role in improving Google Maps and other Google products.

The mode is quite intuitive – according to the screenshots – and informs bikers about all possible road closures along the way. It also gives information about the parking scenario at their destination, a handy feature that was previously seen in the car mode.

Android Police comments that Motorcycle Mode has popped up in the source code for some of the previous versions but this is the first time that we are seeing it go live with the latest version.

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Jatin Bhatia, From ITvoir News Desk