Google Plans official rebranding of its Business apps


Google just announced that it will be rebranding its ten year old service Google apps for business as GSuit. Along with this announcement there was a mention of some upgrades and improvements in G-suits existing line of products.

The justification for the name chosen was also given. The name reflects their mission to help people at work and innovate. This name also makes it clear to the enterprise users that GSuit is collection or group of tools and not a set of individual product/offering.

The organization then highlighted the developing utilization of machine knowledge – something Google has been putting resources into for over 10 years .As of now, this innovation has been utilized as a part of an assortment of different endeavors. Today, Google says that it’s conveying machine knowledge to more administrations, beginning with Google Drive.

One of the added feature is called Quick Access in Drive on Android will take half off the normal time it takes to get to the right record, by disposing of the need to look for it. Rather, machine learning will anticipate which record you require before you even write and show those at the top of the screen.

Other advancements which have profited from machine learning include the Explore feature in Google Sheets, which gives you a chance to enter an inquiry in natural language. The product then uses Natural Language Processing to make an interpretation of that inquiry into an equation and gives you an answer.

The Smart scheduling feature of Google calendars will now be arriving to IOS soon.

In addition to these features a new product “Team drives” was launched. This Google Drive offering concentrates on overseeing content possession and sharing at a group level, and presents new parts that take into account more granular control over the content. It basically gives groups a mutual shared storage space. Be that as it may, team drives are just now getting to be accessible through an Early Adopter Program, which takes after a constrained sneak peak Google had keep running with a little number of clients.

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