Google+ shedding social networking facet to gear-up as a platform: Report


Google is planning some giant steps for re-positioning its social network, Google+, according to reports. Google+ will reportedly transform into a platform, leaving its product identity behind.

The reports indicate that it will not remain a social network competing Facebook, instead it will differently categorised platform among other services of Google.

The company is constantly endeavouring for the transformation and it has been shifting its teams from the core of Google+ and adding more talent to its Android team.

Google+ had about 1,200 dedicated employees.

In this development, the teams of Google Hangouts and photo are moving to Android’s house. Plus, the rest of the employees will be joining mobile projects like, widgets for transforming Google+ into a platform from a product.

Besides, it has also been observed that all these changes in Google+ are surfaced after the announcement of Vic Gundotra, who led Google+, for leaving the company.

Google+ may not completely vanish away, as the company will scrap its mandatory features merged into other products.

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