Google to soon roll out a desktop client for Allo users


According to 9to5 Google, Google recently updated its Allo app with 9.0 version. This update indicates that tech giant is seeking inspiration from WhatsApp, and it may soon roll out a desktop client for Allo users. Nick Fox, Google’s VP of Communications Products recently teased a desktop client in the works on Twitter and 9.0 version hints that it will work pretty similar to how WhatsApp Web does.

Very similar to WhatsApp Web, Allo web client will allow users access their messages over the desktop simply by scanning the QR code. There is also a provision for a text code to pair up over the web.

Google Allo 9.0’s code also displays many other upcoming features. For example, there is one Quick Selfie feature, which will open a small camera view for taking a selfie and sending it quickly mid-conversation. Apart from this Google is also working on the function wherein users can backup Allo chats and the media content on Google Drive as well as external storage.

Although, currently Incognito chats are limited to individuals, however, this could soon arrive for group chats as well. As the name suggests, chats in incognito mode will leave no trace, and no chat history will be saved.

Currently all these features are under the testing phase, Google is expected to commercially launch the web client soon.

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Madhurima Goyal, From ITvoir News Desk