Google upgrades Allo with smart and savvy themes and stickers


After giving us a little sneak look into the Harry Potter world, Google has now launched the most recent updates of redesigns to its smart messaging application “Allo“.

Aside from Smileys, the chat themes improved by an varieties of colors and patterns like “watermelon” or “sorbet”, now Google Allo users can also enjoy “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” sticker pack, including characters and animals from the up coming Warner Brothers film.

With smart and attractive smileys, Google Allo makes it accessible to discover and send the ideal emoji or sticker based on topic and sentiments of the conversation. Users simply need to tap the Smart Smiley button as they’re writing a message and Allo will suggest applicable emojis and stickers to complete the idea.

At present, Smart Smiley will be accessible in English and Hinglish to begin with and will come in more languages after some time.

Like the Hike messenger app, Google Allo additionally permits its users to download sticker packs. Clients can now just tap on any sticker friend shares in the chat to download it directly from the particular sticker pack in the sticker marketplace.

These new elements and experiences will begin rolling out beginning today.

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Alankar Ganguly, From ITvoir News Desk