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Great West Life Assurance Company of Canada invests $12.41 million in National Vision Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ:EYE)

Great West Life Assurance Company of Canada invests $12.41 million in National Vision Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ:EYE)

Great West Life Assurance Co. is reported to have purchased a new investment in National Vision Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: EYE) during the third quarter of this year, as stated in the most recent SEC filing that the company has made. The investment fund purchased 378,013 shares of the company’s stock at approximately $12,413,000. Great West Life Assurance Co. has the potential to hold approximately 0.48% of National Vision, as stated in its most recent filing with the SEC. This particular percentage might or might not be accurate.

Recent transactions have caused adjustments to the proportion of the company’s stock that hedge funds and other institutional investors hold. These investors include pension funds, endowments, and foundations. A brand new position worth approximately $203,000 was opened in shares of National Vision by Virtu Financial LLC during the first three months of 2018. Ensign Peak Advisors Inc. increased the percentage of National Vision shares that it held by 112% during the second quarter of the fiscal year. Ensign Peak Advisors Inc. has increased the value of its holdings in the company by $177,000 by purchasing 3,410 additional shares of stock since the beginning of this quarter. Engineers Gate Manager LP initiated a brand new position in shares of National Vision during the first three months of the year. The value of this position was approximately $315,000 at the time. During the second quarter, Profund Advisors LLC established a new position at National Vision. This position was estimated to be worth approximately $211,000 at the time. Finally, during the second quarter of the fiscal year, Everence Capital Management Inc. established a new position in National Vision shares by investing approximately 212,000 dollars in the company.

On January 4, senior vice president Ravi Acharya completed the sale of 1,394 shares of the company’s stock. Related developments can be found here. A total sale of shares worth $55,760.00 was achieved at an average price of $40 per share. Following the successful conclusion of the transaction, the senior vice president was awarded direct ownership of 832 shares of the company’s stock, each of which has an estimated value of $33,280. If you follow this link, you will be taken to the SEC filing in which the sale was disclosed. Please click on the link to proceed. 1.70 company insiders own a percent of the total number of shares in the company.

Several research analysts have provided recent commentary on the stock, who have been in communication with one another and have shared their perspectives. In a research note published on Tuesday, Morgan Stanley moved shares of National Vision from the “overweight” category to the “equal weight” category. This change was made. In a report on November 16, investment research firm Guggenheim increased its price objective on National Vision shares to $45.00. In a research note released on November 14, Goldman Sachs Group raised their price target on shares of National Vision from $36.00 to $41.00 and upgraded the stock from a “hold” rating to a “buy” rating. Both of these moves were made about the stock. Barclays upgraded National Vision to an “overweight” rating, increased their price target for the company’s stock and announced both of these changes in a research report released on November 14. Barclays’ report was published online. Citigroup upgraded National Vision to a “buy” rating and increased its price objective on the stock from $41.00 to $48.00 in a report published on November 15. The company’s stock was the subject of both of these amendments to the agreement. The stock has been given a rating of “buy” by four of the research analysts have rated the stock as ” buy, ” while one recommended that investors maintain their holdings in the stock. The stock is currently rated as having a consensus recommendation of “Moderate Buy,” and the average price target is $44.17, as indicated by the data provided by Bloomberg.

Thursday was the first day that NASDAQ: EYE was available for trading, and the opening price was $38.70. The ratio can be expressed very simply as 1.05. The ratio has a value of 1.42 at present. The current value of the debt-to-equity ratio is 0.62. The company’s market capitalization is $3.05 billion, the price-to-earnings ratio is 56.91, and the stock’s beta value is 1.48. The 50-day moving average for the stock is currently sitting at $39.59, while the 200-day moving average is currently sitting at $35.48. In the past year, National Vision Holdings, Inc.’s stock price ranged from a low of $22.59 to a high of $45.86. The lowest price it ever reached was $22.59.

National Vision (NASDAQ: EYE) announced the outcomes of its most recent quarterly financial report on Thursday, November 10. The company reported earnings per share of $0.12 for the quarter, which was $0.08 higher than the consensus estimate among analysts, who had predicted earnings per share of $0.04. The analysts’ estimates for the company’s quarterly revenue were between $499.85 million and $499.21 million. The analysts provided this range of estimates. The return on equity for National Vision was 6.19%, while the net margin for the company was 2.86%. This year, National Vision Holdings Inc. is expected to bring in revenue equal to $0.44 per share, based on the projections of professionals in the industry.

One of the areas of business that National Vision Holdings, Inc.’s subsidiaries are responsible for managing in the United States is the retail optical sector. Owned & Hosted and Legacy are the two departments that, when combined, make up the entirety of the business, which are Legacy and Owned & Hosted. In addition to doing so at the Vision Center, the company also does so at its America’s Best, Eyeglass World, Vista Optical, Fred Meyer, and Vista Optical military locations. In addition, it operates as a retailer of optical accessories and products, such as contact lenses and eyeglasses. Furthermore, it offers its services in optometry and health maintenance organizations.


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