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Hartford Investment Management Co. has purchased shares of Waters Co. (NYSE:WAT).

Hartford Investment Management Co. has purchased shares of Waters Co. (NYSE:WAT).

According to the most recent report that the company has submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission, Hartford Investment Management Co. increased its holdings in Waters Co. (NYSE: WAT) during the third quarter of this year (SEC). Following the completion of the period, the company had a total holding of 8,976 shares of the medical equipment supplier’s stock after having purchased an additional 305 shares during the period in question. At the end of the most recent fiscal quarter, the Hartford Investment Management Co. determined that Waters had a value of $2,419,000.

Other prominent investors have lately adjusted the number of shares of the company’s stock they own. To establish a new investment in Waters during the third quarter, PGGM Investments forked over $7,259,000 in payments. During the third quarter, Quilter Plc increased the amount of Waters stock that it held by 0.9%, bringing the total percentage of Waters stock to 100%. After making an additional purchase of 386 shares during the most recent period, Quilter Plc now has 41,262 shares of the medical instruments supplier’s stock. According to the most recent information available on the market, the value of Quilter Plc’s stock holdings is $11,121,000. During the third quarter, Kestra Advisory Services LLC accomplished an increase of 84.9% in the proportion of Waters stock that it owned. Kestra Advisory Services LLC now owns 4,013 shares of the medical instruments supplier’s stock, which are worth a total of $1,082,000 following the purchase of an additional 1,843 shares during the relevant period. Sentry Investment Management LLC had a 33.8% increase in the value of its investment in Waters during the third quarter. Following the acquisition of an additional 140 shares during the period under review, Sentry Investment Management LLC now holds a total of 554 shares of the medical instruments provider’s stock. These 554 shares have a combined value of $149,000 and represent the company’s portfolio as a whole. The percentage of Waters stock that Newport Trust Company owned at the end of the third quarter increased by 0.9% due to the company’s recent purchase. Newport Trust Company now owns 241,816 shares of the medical equipment supplier’s stock, which has a market value of $65,177,00, after purchasing an additional 2,196 shares over the subsequent year. Currently, a total of 88.58% of the company’s shares are owned by hedge funds and other institutional investors.

Edward Conard, a director of the company, sold a total of 1,059 shares of the company’s stock on November 30. Other recent events that have taken place include The price of the stock transaction came to a total of $354,447.30, which breaks down to an individual share costing $334.70. Following the completion of the sale, the director will have a direct ownership stake in 74,224 company shares, each of which will have a value equal to $24,842,772.80. If you follow this link, you will be taken to the SEC filing in which the sale was disclosed. Please click on the link to proceed. Business insiders on the total number of shares of stock owned by the company to 0.77%.

The price of WAT at the opening of the NYSE on Thursday was $328.89. The debt-to-equity ratio is calculated to be 3.88, the quick ratio is calculated to be 1.55, and the current ratio is calculated to be 2.15. During the previous year, Waters Company’s share price ranged from a low of $265.61 to a high of $369.01 at various points. The stock has a simple moving average of $337.71 over the past fifty days and a simple moving average of $319.72 over the past two hundred days. The company’s market capitalization is $19.54 billion, and its price-to-earnings-growth ratio is 3.68. The beta value of the company is 0.91.

The quarterly earnings report for Waters (NYSE: WAT) that covered the most recent fiscal quarter was released to the public on November 1, a Tuesday. Earnings per share (EPS) for the quarter were reported to be $2.64 by the medical equipment manufacturer, which is $0.07 more than the average projection of $2.57. The return on equity for Waters was calculated to be 189.79%, and the net margin for the company was 23.63%. The revenue for the quarter came in significantly higher than the $680.30 million analysts had anticipated, coming in at a total of $708.56 million instead. Sell-side analysts anticipate that Waters Company will achieve earnings of 11.92 cents per share during the current fiscal year.

Recently, several brokerages have begun providing customers access to WAT reports they have generated. In a research note issued on Thursday, October 6, Barclays downgraded Waters from an “overweight” rating to a “neutral” rating and reduced their price objective for the company from $345.00 to $340.00. On October 12, a research note on Waters was published on The note was released on Wednesday. This was the first note that provided an analysis of the company. They suggested that an interested party purchase the company. Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft began covering Waters in a research note on Tuesday, December 13. They suggested that investors “keep” their positions, and they suggested that investors set the price target for the company at $350.00. Robert W. Baird announced in a research note published on November 2 that they were lowering their price objective on Waters from $348.00 to $317.00. The previous rating that TheStreet had assigned to Waters was raised to a “b-” after being included in a research study released on Monday, November 7. Two research firms have recommended purchasing shares of the company, while six others have maintained a hold rating for the stock. The average rating for the company is now “Hold,” and the price objective determined by the majority of analysts is set at $345.22. Bloomberg was the source of the information that we gathered.

Analytical workflow solutions are provided by Waters Corporation all over the world, including in Asia, the Americas, and Europe. This is because Waters Corporation is an industry leader in specialized measurement. The first part is the Waters part, and the second is the TA part. The company is in charge of the design, production, sale, and maintenance of high- and ultra-performance liquid chromatography systems, mass spectrometry (MS) technology systems, and support goods such as chromatography columns, various consumables, and post-warranty service agreements. Additionally, the company is responsible for the upkeep of these technologies. In addition, the company provides after-warranty service agreements to its customers.


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