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Hartford Investment Management Co. sells 767 NXP Semiconductors shares (NASDAQ:NXPI)

Hartford Investment Management Co. sells 767 NXP Semiconductors shares (NASDAQ:NXPI)

The most recent report that Hartford Investment Management Co. submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission revealed that during the third quarter, the company’s holdings in NXP Semiconductors (NASDAQ: NXPI) decreased by 2.7%. Because the company sold 767 of the semiconductor provider’s shares during that period, it had a total of 27,546 of those shares in its possession at the end of that period. The value of the interests that Hartford Investment Management Co. held in NXP Semiconductors was $4,063,000 at the end of the most recent reporting period.

Several additional institutional investors have recently modified their investments in NXPI. During the first three months of 2018, Cibc World Market Inc. grew its holdings of NXP Semiconductors stock by 6.3%, bringing the total percentage of shares it owned to 1.7%. After making an additional purchase of 1,732 shares during the most recent quarter, Cibc World Market Inc. now has 29,411 shares held by the semiconductor provider. The current value of these shares, when traded on the market, is $5,443,000. Dimensional Fund Advisors L.P. increased the amount of NXP Semiconductors stock held by 5.9% over the first three months of 2018. After purchasing 21,672 additional shares during the most recent quarter, Dimensional Fund Advisors L.P. now owns 390,891 shares of the semiconductor company’s stock. The current market value of these shares places the company’s stock at $72,356,000. In the first three months of 2018, Cetera Investment Advisers saw a rise of 5.4% in the proportion of NXP Semiconductors stock it owned. Cetera Investment Advisers now holds 6,332 shares of the semiconductor provider’s stock, with a market value of $1,172,000. This is the result of the purchase of an additional 325 shares during the most recent fiscal quarter. The value of Sequoia Financial Advisors LLC’s investment in NXP Semiconductors increased by 21.0% over the first three months of 2018. Sequoia Financial Advisors LLC now has a total of 2,406 shares of the semiconductor company after purchasing an additional 417 shares during the most recent quarter. The firm’s holdings are currently valued at a combined total of $445,000 due to the value of the company’s shares. Last but certainly not least, during the first quarter, Vanguard Group Inc. increased the proportion of NXP Semiconductors stock owned by 2.0%. Vanguard Group Inc. now has 10,793,360 stock held by the semiconductor provider after acquiring an additional 210,979 shares during the most recent fiscal quarter. This brings the company’s total number of shares to 10,793,360. At the moment, the price of these shares comes to a total of $1,997,635,000. The stock, which represents the company’s equity, is held by institutional investors to 88.70% of the total.

Recent studies on the company’s stock have been authored by multiple equity research specialists, who published their findings. The most recent events are the primary focus of these reports. In a report made public on November 15, the Credit Suisse Group announced that they would increase the scope of their coverage to include NXP Semiconductors. They have a “neutral” rating for the company, and their price objective for the stock is $195.00 per share. KGI Securities announced on Tuesday, October 18, that it had lowered its rating on NXP Semiconductors from “outperform” to “neutral” in a public report that day.

As a consequence of a report released on November 2, the price objective that Susquehanna Bancshares has established for NXP Semiconductors shares has decreased from the previous level of $200.00 to the current level of $175.00. In a recent report, Needham & Company LLC stated that they would target a price of $200.00 for NXP Semiconductors shares. This represents a reduction from their previous target price of $225.00. Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft raised their price target on NXP Semiconductors shares from $170.00 to $185.00 in a report published on Wednesday, December 14, indicating that they believe the stock will move higher. The stock has received a recommendation to hold from nine equity research analysts, a buy rating from seven analysts, and a strong buy rating from one analyst. reports that the current consensus rating for the company is “Moderate Buy” and that the price at which it is anticipated to reach consensus is $187.35.

Trading of NXPI shares began on Tuesday with an opening price of $171.82 per share. The company’s market capitalization is currently at $44.53 billion. Its P.E. ratio is currently sitting at 17.11, its P/E/G ratio is currently sitting at 0.69, and its beta value is currently at 1.46. The stock has traded at an average price of $165.53 per share over the past 50 trading days, while its price has averaged $163.03 per share over the past 200 trading days. Over the last fifty-two weeks, the price of NXP Semiconductors has fluctuated between a low of $132.08 and a high of $225.39. There is a ratio of 1.51 between debt and equity, a ratio of 1.59 between the quick and current ratios, a ratio of 2.08 between the current and the quick ratios, and so on.

NXP Semiconductors (NASDAQ: NXPI) shared the results of its most recent quarterly earnings report with the public on Monday, October 31. During the period under consideration, the semiconductor industry had profits per share of $3.54 (EPS). NXP Semiconductors had an equal net margin and a return on equity, coming in at 20.62% and 52.30%, respectively. The sales for the company for the quarter came in at $3.45 billion, which was higher than the average projection of $3.43 billion ($3.43 billion), which was $3.43 billion. Sell-side analysts anticipate that NXP Semiconductors will bring in $12.95 per share in revenue this year.

The company recently declared and distributed a quarterly dividend, which was paid out on January 6 this year. In addition, the company just recently announced and distributed a dividend. On Thursday, December 15, $0.845 dividend payments per share were made to all shareholders on record at the time of the dividend payment. The dividend payment was made on Wednesday, December 14, the month of December, and the day of the week. The dividend yield as a direct result of this is 1.97%, and the annual payout is $3.38. At this time, NXP Semiconductors’s dividend payout ratio (also known as DPR) stands at 33.67%.

NXP Semiconductors N.V. is a company that offers a varied and extensive range of products that are based on semiconductors. The company’s product line includes security controllers in addition to semiconductors, analog and interface devices, radio frequency power amplifiers, security controllers, and application processors (such as the i.MX family of application processors and the i.MX 8 and 9 families of application processors). Additionally, the company offers solutions for wireless connectivity, including near-field communications, ultra-wideband, Bluetooth low-energy, and Zigbee, in addition to Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth combined system-on-chips. Zigbee is an open-source wireless networking standard (SoC).


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