Here’s what Apple CEO Tim Cook told PM Modi regarding iPhone SE


Apple is positive about the production of iPhone SE in Bengaluru, CEO Tim Cook is reported to have told Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

On Sunday, 21 US corporate leaders met Modi and Cook was among them in Washington.

Cook told the Prime Minister about the manufacturing of Apple’s popular iPhone SE model at its Bengaluru office and the application developers working for Apple.

In Bengaluru, Apple started the initial development of a small number of iPhone SE smartphones in May. Earlier in March, the company had opened its App Accelerator in the city to give specific support to developers.

“iPhone SE is the most popular and powerful phone with a four-inch display in the world and we’ll begin shipping to domestic customers this month,” Apple had told IANS in an email earlier this year.

IANS also learnt that in the beginning that this will be a trial run with a few number of iPhone SE units being assembled there.

The industry sources also disclosed a photograph of the iPhone SE device being assembled in India, which Apple began with Wistron Corporation, its Taiwanese manufacturing partner.

As far as application developers are concerned, now India accounts for no less than 740,000 application economy jobs attributable to iOS.

In India, application developers have created close to 100,000 apps for the App Store — a growth of 57% in 2016. According to the sources Apple has officially prepared a huge number of iOS developers in its accelerator office in Bengaluru.

Earlier this year, an Apple India representative told IANS that developers from India are now creating amazing applications for its platform.

“There are several app developers from India who are now part of the growing innovative community globally,” the spokesperson had told IANS.

On June 1, Philip Schiller, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing said since the App Store’s launch in 2008, the global developer community, including many from India, has earned over $70 billion.

“$70 billion earned by developers is simply mind blowing. We are amazed at all of the great new apps our developers create and can’t wait to see them again next week at our Worldwide Developers’ Conference,” Schiller said in a statement.

Apart from Tim Cook, Google CEO Sunder Pichai, Ajay Banga from Mastercard, Shantanu Narayen from Adobe, and Punit Renjen from Deloitte Global were also present on Sunday meeting in the group that met Modi.

Modi later tweeted, “Interacted with top CEOs. We held extensive discussions on opportunities in India.”

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Himani Sharma, From ITvoir News Desk