How Windows 8 can facilitate your business?


Windows 8, the latest introduction by Microsoft is supposed to help to improvise Businesses. Its various features enable great advantage to enterprises.

Due to cost and great effort, enterprises do not prefer upgrading their PC operating systems. Hence switching to Windows 8 can be a good step. Removal of the Start button & the addition of a decidedly non-intuitive titled interface, has struck fear in the hearts of IT managers worldwide

In the enterprise sections, one may get large benefits by choosing Windows 8.The huge difference between Windows 8 and predecessors is its completely changed touch screen interface. With tablet or touch screen monitor, a user gets many classic options likes handwritten note-taking in one note. Windows 8 offers multi-tasking, a user can check Email and edit an Excel spreadsheet simultaneously.

Microsoft has developed Windows 8 with such perfection that allows accomplishment of tasks easily and immediately. The OS includes better tools for connecting, managing and cellular networks.

It provides flexible hardware options. Windows 8 has much less booting time as compared to windows 7, it took approximate 17 seconds to boot up while Windows 7 take 38 seconds.

It offers dual monitor support which improves productivity. When it is about handling multiple displays, Windows 8 dominates over Windows 7’s capabilities. User can configure the task-bar for each display to make it easier and more efficient to get to the applications they want on each display.

It has some special security tricks that help to protect data. Microsoft takes a great advantage of the Secure Boot feature of UEFI that only allows software signed by authorized certificates to boot up.

Windows 8 storage space feature enables its user to expand their storage without changing drives.

Microsoft has woven access to its cloud storage service, SkyDrive, through Windows 8.