iCouch, the Latest Entertainer for TV Viewers


Yearning to make your TV viewing experience better…looking at gossiping and chatting while watching your favourite program…here come iCouch, an exclusive LIVE TV chat platform for millions of TV lovers across India. Made especially for the ardent TV viewers and show fans, iCouch is a free mobile application by iDubba. Launching in partnership with Zee Café with the program “Grey’s Anatomy” season 7 starting from May 1, iCouch let you chat while the program is running and capture your favourite scenes.

iCouch enables you to read and like popular chat and get heard by thousands of other fans watching the program. Find out interesting facts and trivia about a show, invite friends and send them alerts, play contests and win big prizes while making TV viewing experience extremely entertaining and fulfilling.

Says Rabi Gupta, Co Founder – iDubba, “iCouch is definitely not another news or gossip outlet where we reports things or events, in-fact here the news and gossip makers and breakers are the ardent fans of the TV show. It is a chat forum that has no bar, you are the one building and developing the discussion of your favourite show. It enables your thoughts be known not only to your friends and mutual lovers of the show but also to the cast and the crew of the show. iCouch is a platform that makes the current TV viewing scenario more charged up with entertainment, live gossips, snip-bits and chats.”

A democratic mobile app in the world of television, iCouch is an innovation to make things fun, approachable and amazing for TV lovers and their favourite shows.

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