India to be long shot in driving 5G technology


The prime Telecom gear makers Nokia, Huawei and Ericsson expect India to have a major role in driving global 5G-related developments as the industry and the govt. here ensure that the country gets the newer fifth-generation technology along with some developed countries.

Nokia India head Sanjay Malik said “I am confident that we would be leading the global arena on 5G… It would be the much shorter timeframe in which 5G would come to India than whatever we had with 2G, 3G, and 4G,” on Friday.

Emmanuel Coelho Alves , Huawei’s global director of wireless marketing seconded the thought, saying “India is making the right progress in ensuring the direction for the industry for 5G.” Alves said India is “extremely well positioned” for 5G, having cemented its position in the 4G space in the last one year with rapid data uptake fuelled by abundant connectivity and availability of cloud-backed content services.

“The daily data traffic will grow significantly, and 5G will play a major role in further augmenting this increase,” he said.

For operators, the bigger opportunity in the 5G scenario will be to cut down the total cost of ownership (TCO). It is predictable that the total cost of ownership for telcos will shrink 10 times as compared to the 4G technology.

However, the industry will need to look at fibre assertively to support the new technology, as it lays an underpinning of a strong backhaul, which is a must for 5G. “Next year, we expect lab tests to start for 5G that will help bring the technology commercially to India,” Alves said.

The telecom gear maker Ericsson’s global head of 5G and RAN Architecture Joakim Sorelius said the company is encouraged to see the focus on bringing infrastructure and spectrum regulation on 5G in India. “For India, it is an opportunity to benefit from technology that 5G brings. India has a scale for 5G.”

Sorelius said India should consider the mid-band, which is 3Ghz to 6GHz, besides looking at lower bands for 5G coverage. “We, however, advocate that all available bands should be made available for cellular connectivity in India.”

Nokia’s Malik said, “Consultation is in the process to identify spectrum for 5G in India, and to make sure that it is in sync with global standards, so that we don’t lag behind”.

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Jatin Bhatia, From ITvoir News Desk