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Investors purchase a large number of American Express call options. (NYSE:AXP)

Investors purchase a large number of American Express call options. (NYSE:AXP)

There was some strange behavior observed in trading options involving American Express (NYSE: AXP) on Wednesday. Investors purchased a total of 53,491 call options relating to the underlying shares. Compared to the average daily volume of 13,804 call options traded, this represents a 288% increase in trading activity.

Recently, several institutional investors changed the total amount of AXP that was held in their respective investment portfolios. During the third quarter, Addison Advisors LLC increased the American Express stock is owned by 239.0%, bringing its total ownership percentage to 100%. As a result of the recent purchase of an additional 141 shares during the most recent quarter, Addison Advisors LLC now has 200 shares of the payment services provider’s stock, which is currently valued at a total of $27,000. This brings the total number of shares owned by the company to 200. Karp Capital Management Corp. increased its investment in American Express by contributing an additional $28,000 during the third quarter of the fiscal year. During the second quarter, Heritage Wealth Management LLC spent approximately $31,000 to increase its American Express holdings by purchasing additional company shares. During the final three months of 2018, MinichMacGregor Wealth Management LLC spent approximately $38,000 on a new investment in American Express. This investment was made during the fourth quarter. The most recent transaction occurred during the second quarter of the fiscal year. It involved approximately $41,000 in expenditures by WFA of San Diego LLC to acquire a new position at American Express. To the tune of 83.30 percent, the company’s stock is owned by institutional investors.

In other news about this topic, Director Walter Joseph Clayton III purchased 1,000 shares of the company’s stock on November 8. The stock was acquired for a total price of $149,270.00, which works out to a price of $149.27 per share on an average basis. As a direct result of the transaction, the director is now the owner of 1,000 shares of the company’s stock. Each share has a value of $149,270, making the director’s total holdings worth $149,270. When you follow this link, you will be taken to the SEC filing that contains more information about the acquisition. In related news, on November 8, a company director named Walter Joseph Clayton III purchased 1,000 shares. This information is relevant to the discussion because it relates to the topic. The total cost of purchasing these shares was $149,270.00, which is $149.27 on average for each share purchased. As a direct result of this event, the director is now the proud owner of 1,000 shares of the company’s stock, which currently have a market value of approximately $149,270 each. You can read the transaction’s legal document submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission by clicking on the link.

Additionally, on December 6, Vice Chairman Douglas E. Buckminster sold 16,354 shares of American Express stock. The total amount received for the sale of the shares was $2,522,277.42, which works out to an average selling price of $154.23 per share. The company insider currently has a personal holding of 99,024 shares, valued at 15,272,471.52 dollars. The disclosure about the purchase can be found in this particular location. Only 0.11% of the total company stock is held by current and former employees of the company.

On Wednesday, AXP hit a new session high of $153.73, an increase of $1.73 from the previous day’s price. There was a total trading volume of 2,730,427 shares for the company’s stock, with 37,361 of those shares changing hands. There is a debt-to-equity ratio of 1.77, a quick ratio of 1.61, and a current ratio of 1.61. Each of these ratios is equal to 1.61. The moving average price of the company over the past 50 days is $150.73, and the moving average price of the company over the last 200 days is $149.45. Over the past 52 weeks, the price of an American Express card has fluctuated between a low of $130.65 and a high of $199.55. The company has a price-to-earnings ratio of 15.28, a price-to-growth ratio of 1.17, and a beta ratio of 1.14. Each of these ratios is about the growth of the company’s earnings. There is currently 114.87 billion dollars worth of value placed on the stock by investors.

The most recent quarterly results report for American Express (NYSE: AXP) was made available to the general public on October 21, 2018, a Friday. The company that provides payment processing services reported earnings per share for the quarter that totaled $2.47, which is an increase of $0.05 over the average prediction of $2.42 for those profits. Both the return on equity and the net margin for the company came in at 33.28% and 15.02%, respectively, for American Express. The amount of money the company brought in during the period was $13.56 billion, which is significantly less than the average prediction of $13.58 billion. The company reported earnings of $2.27 per share during the corresponding period of the prior year’s financial year. The company’s revenue was higher by 24.0% compared to the previous year’s numbers. Analysts who follow the stock market anticipate that American Express will end the current fiscal year with earnings of $9.96 per share, which would put the company in the black.

The company recently declared a quarterly dividend, scheduled to be distributed on Friday, February 10. In addition, the company just recently announced the dividend. Shareholders who had their shares registered by the time the business day came to a close on Friday, January 6, will be eligible to receive a $0.52 dividend payment. The date shareholders will no longer receive dividends is Thursday, January 5. When figured on an annual basis, this yields a dividend payout of $1.35 per quarter, or $2.08 total when divided out quarterly. American Express is committed to maintaining a payout ratio of 20.90%.


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