Apple is all set for the launch of its next gen iPhones and more


Apple has already sent invites for its new generation iPhone last week and is expected to unveil a new iPhone and even a second-generation smartwatch at this special event in San Francisco today.

The rumor mill has been grinding away with talk of iPhone 7 models about its camera, software, looks, and improved software while doing away with jacks for plugging in wired headphones.

To assuage users accustomed to wired headphones, Apple could roll out accessories that include an adaptor that plugs into a remaining port.

The launch event would also be a chance to showcase wireless headphones.

Apple has maintained a rhythm of introducing updated iPhone models on an annual basis, timing introductions to coincide with the year-end holiday shopping season.

In July, the smartphone giant announced the sale of its billionth iPhone, a milestone for the company as it seeks to keep momentum in a competitive smartphone market.

Meanwhile, leading smartphone maker Samsung which is iPhone’s biggest rival, has announced it will recall its latest flagship smartphone after faulty batteries caused some Galaxy Note 7 “phablets” to explode while charging, in a massive blow to the South Korean electronics giant’s reputation.

Time to see new Apple Watch?

California-based company, Apple could also use the event to showcase updates to other products, such as its smartwatch and laptop computers. Speculation regarding an Apple Watch 2 was fueled in part by the fact that the original hardware has not been updated since it debuted in April of last year.

Improved iPhone and smartwatch models would be arriving just as Apple is set to roll out a new version of the mobile operating system.

New hit needed

Apple’s real issue is the lack of a blockbuster announcement along the lines of those that ignited markets and rocketed the company to glory under the leadership of late co-founder Steve Jobs, according to analysts.

Analysts and Apple fans have been eagerly waiting for Cook to take a page from Jobs’s playbook and enthrall the world with a must-have “one more thing.”

Apple is moving into new areas such as Apple TV and streaming music, which could produce more stable revenues.

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