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Janney Montgomery Scott LLC acquires 6,845 South Jersey Industries, Inc. shares (NYSE:SJI)

Janney Montgomery Scott LLC acquires 6,845 South Jersey Industries, Inc. shares (NYSE:SJI)

According to the most recent filing that the company has made with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Janney Montgomery Scott LLC increased the number of shares of South Jersey Industries, Inc. (NYSE: SJI) that it owns during the third quarter. This information can be found here. At the end of the period, the fund had a total holding of 44,596 shares of the utility provider’s stock because it had purchased an additional 6,845 shares during that. The most recent report that Janney Montgomery Scott LLC submitted to the SEC indicated that the value of its stake in South Jersey Industries was determined to be $1,490,000.

Recent transactions have resulted in several institutional investors and other hedge funds modifying the amount of the company’s stock they currently hold in their portfolios. SeaCrest Wealth Management LLC increased its total holdings in South Jersey Industries by investing approximately $25,000 more during the company’s second quarter because of the firm’s investment of approximately $25,000. During the second quarter, Quadrant Capital Group LLC achieved a 56.4% increase in the proportion of South Jersey industries in which it holds investments. As a result of the purchase of an additional 683 shares during the period in question, the value of the current holdings that Quadrant Capital Group LLC has in the stock of the utility provider, which totals 1,893 shares, increased by $65,000. By increasing the number of South Jersey Industries shares it owned during the second quarter, EverSource Wealth Advisors LLC was able to increase its stock holdings by 456.7%. EverSource Wealth Advisors LLC now has a total of 2,260 shares of the utility provider’s stock, currently valued at $78,000, after making additional purchases of 1,854 shares during the period in question. This brings the firm’s total number of shares owned by the company to 2,260, which was previously the case. During the first three months of the year, Captrust Financial Advisors made a 73.1% increase in the amount of South Jersey Industries stock it owned, bringing its total percentage of ownership to 100%. Because of the purchase of an additional 2,095 shares during the relevant period, Captrust Financial Advisors now has a total of 4,961 shares of the stock held by the utility provider. The current value of these shares is $173,000.

Last but not least, Mackenzie Financial Corporation made a new investment in South Jersey Industries during the first three months of the year. The value of this investment was approximately $201,000. This transaction took place at various points throughout the period. To the tune of 83.57%, the company’s stock is owned by institutional investors who have invested in the company.

When trading started on Tuesday morning, a share of South Jersey Industries was $35.77 per share. The simple moving average value for the company’s 50-day and 200-day periods is $35.05, while the average value for the 200 days is $34.43. South Jersey Industries, Inc. hit a low point over the past year of operations of $23.14, while the company reached a high point throughout $35.87. A debt-to-equity ratio comes in at 1.73; a quick ratio comes in at 0.59; a current ratio comes in at 0.70; and a quick ratio comes in at 0.59.

In a report made available to the public on November 2, South Jersey Industries (NYSE: SJI) shared its findings with the public. Earnings per share (EPS) for the quarter that the utility company reported came in at $0.18, which was $0.02 lower than the expectations made by analysts ($0.16). As can be seen, by their 5.99% net margin and 9.30% return on equity, South Jersey Industries had a successful performance. [Citation needed] The revenue for the quarter came in at $608.52 million, which was significantly higher than the analysts’ projections of $400.86 million for the amount of money that would be brought in. Analysts specializing in stock market research anticipate that South Jersey Industries, Inc. will produce $1.74 per share earnings during the current fiscal year.

In addition, the company announced a quarterly dividend, which was ultimately paid out the following week on Tuesday, December 27. On Monday, December 19, shareholders of record were each given a dividend payment of $0.31. This payment was made. On Friday, December 16, the day had come and gone when customers were expected to pay the dividend. This corresponds to a dividend payment of $1.24 per share and a yield of 3.47% when calculated annually.

In recent times, a variety of equity research analysts have communicated their thoughts regarding the company that has been the primary focus of their attention. Janney Montgomery Scott decreased their recommendation for South Jersey Industries from “buy” to “neutral” in a research report published on Monday, January 9. This indicates


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