JobSenz an EDtech startup gets grant of $40,000 from Facebook


An Education technology startup JobSenz has been shortlisted for FbStart.

FbStart is an early stage, mobile focused startup program that was launched by Facebook last year and is attracting country’s startup ecosystem. As a part of this program JobSenz has received credits and services worth $40,000(27 lakhs) from Facebook and its partners. Apart from the funding they will also receive mentoring from Facebook’s engineering team.

This is not all as a part of this program JobSenz will also have access to FB start’s community of global partners which includes name like Coursera, Dropbox, Stripe and Twilio.

JobSenz, was founded by Monish Karam last year and provides a platform from professionals and students on which coaching centers and educators can directly sell course material to the consumers. Apart from this it also allows job seekers to look for jobs and prepare and download their resume in multi-lingual resume builder.
According to the founder, not all the coaching centers can have their own mobile or web app to provide coaching material to their students. With JobSenz this problem is eliminated and also creates a news revenue stream for them.

The revenue model for JobSenz works by charging a percentage of all sales of premium educational content, advertisements and job and resume services.

As per reports there are other startups that are backed by FbStart but the names are not disclosed as of now. However as it is known India has been an important focus for the tech giant.

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