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Jump Financial LLC acquires 46,633 shares of New Residential Investment Corp. (NYSE:NRZ)

Jump Financial LLC acquires 46,633 shares of New Residential Investment Corp. (NYSE:NRZ)

According to the most recent 13F filing that the company made with the Securities and Exchange Commission, during the third quarter, Jump Financial LLC increased its holdings in New Residential Investment Corp. (NYSE: NRZ).

The purchase of 46,633 company stock shares cost the fund approximately $341.00 to complete the transaction.

Along the same lines as the previous institutional investors, several other investors have recently cut back on the amount of NRZ stock they own.

To launch a brand-new investment in residential real estate during the second quarter, Lazard Asset Management LLC forked over approximately $68,000 in capital expenditures. Corton Capital INC increased its total investment by approximately 128,000 dollars during the second quarter by adding new residential investments.

This brought the level of its overall investment to a higher level.

Delphia USA INC increased its stake in New Residential Investment by purchasing additional shares during the second quarter, bringing the total value of the company’s investment in the building to approximately $144,000.

The value of Atlas Capital Advisors, LLC’s holdings in new residential investments increased by 10,323.7% over the second quarter.

After making additional purchases totaling 34,791 shares throughout the relevant period, Atlas Capital Advisors LLC now holds ownership of 35,128 shares in the company, which have a market value of $327,000 as a result of these transactions.
Last but not least, during the second quarter, Creative Planning increased the proportion of its holdings that were comprised of new residential investments by 3.2%.

This was the company’s most recent accomplishment.

As a direct result of the fact that Creative Planning was able to complete the acquisition of an additional 1,174 shares during the quarter, the company now directly owns 37,485 shares in the company, which have a value of $349,000.

To the tune of 46.48 percent of the company’s stock, institutional investors and hedge funds collectively hold the company’s shares.
In a separate development, as of the most recent Friday, February 3, has been providing coverage of new residential investment in the form of a research study.

They suggested that an interested party purchase the company.
When the market opened on Wednesday, the price of an individual share of NRZ stock was $10.89.

The price of New Residential Investment Corp. hit a low of $8.18 during the past year, while the company reached an all-time high of $11.81 during the same period.

This value is equivalent to a debt-to-equity ratio of 0.09, a quick ratio of 0.44, and a current ratio of 0.44.

All three of these ratios are expressed as a value in this format: The company’s stock has a price-to-earnings ratio of 4.82 and a beta value of 1.68; as a consequence, the company’s market capitalization is $5.08 billion.

The real estate investment trust known as New Residential Investment Corp. has identified the United States of America as its primary market for future expansion.

The corporation comprises the business categories of origination, servicing, MSR-Related Investments, residential securities, properties and loans, consumer loans, mortgage loans, and corporate loans.

The MSR stands for mortgage servicer-related investments. Some areas in which the corporation invests its capital include mortgage servicing rights, mortgage origination and servicing organizations, residential mortgage-backed securities, real estate, consumer lending, and other business expansion opportunities.


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