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Jump Financial LLC acquires new Orthofix Medical Inc. shares (NASDAQ:OFIX)

Jump Financial LLC acquires new Orthofix Medical Inc. shares (NASDAQ:OFIX)

The most recent 13F filing that Jump Financial LLC had with the Securities and Exchange Commission reveals that during the third quarter, the company increased its holdings in Orthofix Medical INC (NASDAQ: OFIX).

The investment fund invested approximately $352,000 to purchase 18,400 shares in the medical device manufacturer.

The most recent report that Jump Financial LLC submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission indicates that the firm owns 0.09 percent of Orthofix Medical.

Throughout the past few months, a wide variety of other institutional investors have engaged in transactions that included the buying and selling shares of stock in the company. Quantbot Technologies LP invested approximately $39,000 to acquire a new stake in Orthofix Medical during the first three months of this year.

Through hiring a new employee in the second quarter, KBC Group NV was able to invest in Orthofix Medical, amounting to approximately $36,000.

During the third quarter, US Bancorp DE made a new investment in Orthofix Medical.

This investment resulted in a cost of approximately $57,000 for the company. Over the second quarter, a 17.5% increase in the proportion of Orthofix Medical stock owned by Mutual of America Capital Management LLC was accomplished.

After purchasing an additional 499 shares during the relevant period, Mutual of America Capital Management LLC now directly owns 3,344 shares of the medical device company’s stock, which is $79,000.

These shares were acquired during the period in question. Finally, but certainly not least, during the first three months of this year, Dynamic Technology Lab Private Ltd paid Orthofix Medical 215,000 rupees for a new position.

Institutional investors and hedge funds own 98.43% of the company’s stock.
The NASDAQ OFIX market opened for trading on Wednesday at $22.24 per share.

According to the simple moving average calculated over the past 200 days, the stock price is currently $19.71, while the fifty-day simple moving average places it at $20.28.

The price at which shares of Orthofix Medical INC fell to their 52-week low of $13.76 and rose to their 52-week high of $36.13.

The debt-to-equity ratio comes in at 0.06, the current ratio comes in at 3.18, and the quick ratio comes in at 1.89.
Separately, in a research note published on Tuesday, January 3rd, changed its rating of Orthofix Medical from “hold” to “buy” and recommended that investors follow this recommendation.

Orthofix Medical, INC is the name of a company that is in the business of selling a variety of different kinds of medical equipment. Global Extremities and Global Spine are the names of two of the primary departments that make up this business.

Bone Growth Therapies, Spinal Implants, and Biologics are the three primary product categories included within the scope of the reporting category known as “Global Spine.” The Bone Growth Therapies product category is in charge of the research and development of bone growth stimulator devices and their distribution and maintenance.

These devices are supposed to make bone fusion easier to achieve.


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