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Keybank National Association OH owns $301,000 in Mercury Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:MRCY)

Keybank National Association OH owns $301,000 in Mercury Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:MRCY)

The most recent SEC filing made by the company reveals that Keybank National Association OH increased its stake in Mercury Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: MRCY) by 55.1% during the third quarter. After making additional purchases totaling 2,637 shares throughout the time in question, the institutional investor now has 7,422 shares in the technology business. According to the most recent report filed with the SEC, Keybank National Association’s holding value in Mercury Systems was $301,000.

Other prominent investors have lately adjusted the number of shares of the company’s stock they own. During the first three months of 2018, Starboard Value L.P. began a new investment in Mercury Systems with a total value of about $230,973,000. In addition, Victory Capital Management Inc. increased its ownership of Mercury Systems by 8,120.9% during the second quarter of the fiscal year. Following the purchase of an additional 1,046,294 shares during the most recent quarter, Victory Capital Management Inc. now holds a total of 1,059,178 shares of the technology company’s stock, which have a value of $68,137,000. During the first three months of the year, Invesco Ltd. increased the percentage of Mercury Systems that it owned by 218.0%. After purchasing an additional 493,801 shares during the most recent quarter, Invesco Ltd. now has 720,322 shares of the technology company’s stock, which are currently valued at $46,425,000. During the third quarter, Assenagon Asset Management S.A. made a fresh investment in Mercury Systems, bringing the company’s total stake to about $8,887,000. During the second quarter, Kensico Capital Management Corp. added a new investment to its portfolio that was approximately $13,509,000 in value. This investment was made in Mercury Systems. Institutional investors and hedge funds hold company shares to 98.41% of the total.

In related news, Executive Vice President James Mitch Stevison sold 1,691 shares of the company’s stock on Saturday, October 15. The transaction took place. During the transaction, the stock was sold for a total of $72,526.99, which is equivalent to $42.89 per share. After making the purchase, the executive vice president has 59,501 shares in the firm, which are currently worth approximately $2,551,997.89. The information provided to the Securities and Exchange Commission regarding the transaction was included in a filing, which can be found on this page. Insiders of the company hold 2.10 percent of the company’s total shares.

On Friday, the price of MRCY shares was $48.49 when trading began. The business has a market capitalization of $2.81 billion, a price-to-earnings ratio of 808.17, a price-to-earnings-growth ratio of 20.63, and a beta value of 0.97. There is a debt-to-equity ratio of 0.33, a quick ratio of 3.25, a current ratio of 4.83, and a quick ratio of 3.25. The company’s stock has been trading at an average price of $47.72 over the last fifty days and $50.01 over the last two hundred days. The 52-week low for Mercury Systems, Inc. is $40.48, while the 52-week high for the company is $72.28.

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