LG might supply batteries for Samsung S8


Samsung Electronics is thinking about utilizing LG batteries for its next lead Galaxy S8 cell phone after a not so great review of its Note 7 because of faulty batteries.

As per news details, the Korean tech giant is chatting with LG for conceivable association in a move to enhance its battery providers other than Samsung SDI and China’s ATL.

As per a Samsung official Samsung has various providers in the consideration set, including LG. Samsung’s enthusiasm for adding another possibility to the battery pool bodes well. After the two separate reviews, it turned out that Samsung was utilizing its own labs rather than autonomous ones to test the Note 7 batteries. As the organization needs to do everything conceivable to revamp its reputation and increase back its client’s trust, it would bode well that Samsung would take a gander at LG and others to ensure that the Galaxy S8 does not share any of the Note 7’s defective equipment.

As far as battery suppliers are concerned, Samsung Electronics has worked with only two – Samsung SDI and ATL. While before the underlying Galaxy Note7 review Samsung accepted just SDI-made batteries were defective, the phones continued bursting into flames even after that, which means ATL’s batteries weren’t any better indeed.

The organization had blamed faulty for the first issue in its lead gadget, yet has given no sign about the reason for the overheating found in the substitutions.

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Madhurima Goyal, From ITvoir News Desk