LinkedIn has plans to launch a section for business news


LinkedIn has plans to launch a section on its network which will be dedicated to business news. This is to draw users onto the service more frequently to read and also discuss about current events.

The updated website and smartphone app are the latest attempt by LinkedIn, which Microsoft Corp bought last year for $26 billion, to nurture beyond its roots as a job-hunting service and also add features which are associated with social media.

LinkedIn will be naming the section “Trending Storylines.” It will have a stream of links to outside news sources along with related posts written by LinkedIn users.

A team of editors at LinkedIn will select which stories are to highlighted, LinkedIn’s editor in chief, Daniel Roth, said in an interview. The company will not have reporters of its own.”We think that people will start their day with this, to get the news they need,” he added.

Social media networks such as Facebook Inc Twitter Inc, and Snap Inc not very long ago added feature that highlights major news stories.

An early version of the same was seen by Reuters led with stories about US and British authorities banning electronic devices which are larger than a cellphone from airline carry-on luggage. Alongside that news was a commentary about the change by LinkedIn users, including Ian Bremmer, president of consultancy Eurasia Group.

LinkedIn feed will be restricted to topics about professions and business unlike other social media platforms .It will aim at providing information that would be useful in work meetings, said Tomer Cohen, LinkedIn’s vice president of product.

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Madhurima Goyal, From ITvoir News Desk