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Michael S. Turner disposes of 1,579 shares of 908 Devices Inc. (NASDAQ:MASS).

Michael S. Turner disposes of 1,579 shares of 908 Devices Inc. (NASDAQ:MASS).

Michael S.

Turner, Vice President of 908 Devices INC, sold 1,579 shares (NASDAQ: MASS) on February 1.

The total value of the sold stock was 14,479.43 dollars, with each share fetching the asking price of $9.17.

As a result of the transaction, the vice president has gained direct ownership of 2,848 company shares, which have an approximate value of $26,116.16 at present.

If you click on this link, you will be taken to the SEC filing in which the transaction was described.

On Monday, November 14, 908 Devices (NASDAQ: MASS) released the quarterly financial data that it had compiled.

The company’s earnings per share for the quarter came in at $0.20, which was $0.02 higher than the consensus estimate of $0.22 among analysts.

The overall revenue for the quarter was $15.80 million, which was significantly higher than the industry analysts’ prediction of $15.76 million in revenue for the period.

The net margin of the company, which came in at a negative 53.36 percent, and the return on equity, which came in at 13.30 percent, were both in the red for 908 Devices.

According to the forecasts provided by equity research analysts, 908 Devices INC will end the current fiscal year with a loss of 0.98 cents per share.
Separately, in a research note released on Friday, January 6, SVB Leerink lowered their price objective on shares of 908 Devices from $25.00 to $20.00 while maintaining an “outperform” rating on the stock.

The MASS price ended the week at $10.44, a decrease of $0.22 from the previous day’s closing price.

The number of shares of the company’s stock traded was significantly less than the 259,907 normally traded daily.

The one-year low for Devices INC is $6.87, while the one-year high for the company’s stock is $26.00.

The company’s current market value is estimated to be $329.80 million, its price-to-earnings ratio is -11.86, and its beta value is 0.63.

The moving average prices for the company over the past fifty and two hundred days are $8.70 and $14.22.

There is a debt-to-equity ratio of 0.08, a current ratio of 11.73, and a quick ratio of 11.12.

During recent years, significant shareholders in the company have been active in taking action to bring about change.

Legal & General Group Plc’s ownership percentage in 908 devices was raised to 21.9% over the second quarter.

Legal & General Group Plc is now the company’s direct owner of 6,436 shares after purchasing an additional 1,157 shares during the most recent fiscal quarter.

The total value of these shares is $133,000, and Legal & General Group Plc has a stake in the company equal to that amount (up from 5,425 last quarter).

During the period covered by the second quarter, Northern Trust Corporation saw a 0.7% increase in the percentage of ownership it held in 908 devices. Northern Trust Corp. now holds 187,442 shares of the company’s stock following the acquisition of an additional 1,389 shares during the most recent period.

The stock is currently valued at $3,859,000. UBS Group AG’s investment in 908 Devices grew by 171.0% during the company’s third-quarter reporting period.

The value of the 2,439 shares that UBS Group AG currently possesses in the company comes to a total of $40,000 when taken together.

These shares were obtained by purchasing an additional 1,539 during the most recent fiscal quarter to complete the acquisition.

During the last three months of the fiscal year, the New York State Common Retirement Fund added 2.8% more devices to its portfolio, bringing the total number of devices held to 908.

The New York State Common Retirement Fund is now the owner of 57,552 shares following the acquisition of an additional 1,564 in the preceding quarter.

The value of these shares, as of this moment, is $439,000.

And lastly, during the first three months of this year, Advisor Group Holdings INC increased its stake in 908 Devices by an additional 30.5% by purchasing additional shares.

After making an additional purchase of 1,744 shares of the company’s stock during the period in question, Advisor Group Holdings INC now has a total of 7,467 shares of the company’s stock, which can be purchased for a total price of $142,000.

Institutional investors and hedge funds collectively own 80.53% of the total number of shares in the company, making them the company’s largest stockholders.

A company known as 908 Devices INC is developing desktop and handheld mass spectrometry (Mass Spec) tools for use in forensics, industrial biotechnology, forensic science, and other fields to investigate unidentified and invisible chemicals.

These tools will be used to study unknown chemicals.

These instruments are a part of the Mass Spec product line offered by the company.

The company manufactures a variety of products, including the ZipChip solution, which is a plug-and-play, high-resolution separation platform that optimizes Mass Spec sample analysis; the Rebel, which is a small desktop analyzer that provides real-time information on the extracellular environment in bioprocesses; and the MX908, which is a handheld, battery-powered Mass Spec device designed for rapid analysis of unknown gas, liquid, and solid materials.

All of these products can be found on the company’s website.


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