Microsoft displays cloud-based IoT solutions for Indian manufacturing industry


The tech giant Microsoft showcased three IoT arrangements aimed at aiding the digital transformation of the Indian manufacturing industry. Fueled by the organization’s Azure cloud stage, these arrangements – offered by Precimetrix, Teramatrix and Covacsis, have been conveyed in driving associations like Hero Moto Corp, Samudra LED, KEC, VE Commercial Vehicles, Godrej, TAFE and Bajaj, among others.

Microsoft Cloud offers dependability and adaptability as well as gives propelled cloud administrations like IoT Suite and Cortana Intelligence Suite, which thus empowers these accomplices to keep pace with the requests of the industrial revolution.


Covacsis helps in building tailored customer experiences by tying together the whole data and drawing actionable insights in order to achieve a segment of one.


Precimetrix presents opportunity for  IoT & Analytics to enable real-time process management and also drive actionable analytics to improve efficiency, productivity as well as compliance.


Teramatrix is intended towards helping organizations in differentiating  and capturing the  emerging opportunities  with  use of  data as a strategic advantage.

Narendra Bhandari Microsoft’s General Manager of Developer Experience and Evangelism gave a statement “Microsoft along with its partners is helping manufacturing industries gain insights and make better decisions. Our complete suite of technology solutions including Azure Machine Learning, Cortana Intelligence Suite and IoT Solutions Suite as well as partners like Covacsis, Precimetrix, Teramatix, ZingHR, Knolskape among others, are capable of supporting any manufacturer of any size transform digitally. We are excited to provide the Digital transformation platform for our partners to innovate and build on our Hyper Secure and Hyper Scalable cloud.”

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Madhurima Goyal, From ITvoir News Desk