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Mitsubishi UFJ Kokusai Asset Management Co. Ltd. Expands Its Holdings in Regency Centers Co. (NASDAQ:REG)

Mitsubishi UFJ Kokusai Asset Management Co. Ltd. Expands Its Holdings in Regency Centers Co. (NASDAQ:REG)

According to the most recent 13F filing that Mitsubishi UFJ Kokusai Asset Management Co. Ltd. submitted with the SEC, the investment management company increased its holdings in Regency Centers Co. (NASDAQ: REG) by 12.4% in the third quarter of this year. The institutional investor now has 169,669 shares of ownership in the company after purchasing an additional 18,714 shares of the company’s stock during the most recent month. This brings the total number of company ownership shares to 169,669; the most recent filing with the SEC reveals that Mitsubishi UFJ Kokusai Asset Management Co. Ltd. owned approximately 0.10% of Regency Centers, which had a value of $9,170,000 at the time of the filing.

During the past few months, various other institutional investors have each changed the interests they currently hold in the company. During the second quarter, CVA Family Office LLC achieved a 97.8 percent increase in its ownership stake in Regency Centers. After making an additional purchase of 225 shares of the company’s stock during the period in question, CVA Family Office LLC now holds a total of 455 shares of the company’s stock, which has an estimated value of $27,000. CWM LLC increased its holdings in Regency Centers by 1,277% during the second quarter of the fiscal year. After purchasing an additional 356 shares throughout the period, CWM LLC now has a total of 672 shares of the company’s stock, currently valued at $40,000. These shares were acquired during the period in question. During the third quarter of this fiscal year, Wipfli Financial Advisors LLC invested $99,000 in new stock in Regency Centers. This was done during the fiscal year 2017-2018. During the second quarter of this year, Wahed Invest LLC made a new investment in Regency Centers that involved an investment of 109 thousand dollars. During the second quarter, Private Trust Co. NA invested in Regency Centers totaling $109,000 by opening a new position. This purchase, made at the end of the company’s activities, was by no means the least important. Institutional investors and hedge funds hold 88.58 percent of the total number of shares in the company. This percentage accounts for 88.58% of the total.

Several brokerages have offered their thoughts on REG. The price target for Regency Centers was increased from $62 to $69 in a research report made public by Barclays on Tuesday, December 6th. Additionally, an “equal weight” rating was assigned to the company. JPMorgan Chase & Co. moved Regency Centers’ rating from “neutral” to “overweight” and increased their price target for the stock from $70.00 to $72.00 in a research report released on Friday, December 16th. Both of these adjustments were made about the shares that the company held. Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft recommended buying shares of Regency Centers in a research report released on Friday, October 7th. The brokerage firm also dropped its target price for the company’s stock from $72.00 to $69.00 while keeping its “buy” rating on the stock. Evercore ISI stated in a research note released on October 20th that they have decreased their target price for Regency Centers shares to $67.00. On Wednesday, October 12th, a research report on Regency Centers was released by This publication marked the beginning of that website’s coverage of the company’s shares. They recommended that shareholders “hold” their shares of the company. Five analysts have recommended purchasing the stock, while the same analysts recommend that investors maintain their current stock holdings. The website reports that the current average rating for the company is “Moderate Buy” and that the company’s price target is $68.27.

On Wednesday morning, the opening price of the NASDAQ was $65.97, and REG was trading at that price. The company’s market value is $11.29 billion; it has a price-to-earnings ratio of 24.89, a price-to-earnings-to-growth ratio of 4.22, and a beta value of 1.11. These metrics indicate that the company is a successful business. Although the current ratio, the quick ratio, and the debt-to-equity ratio all equal 1, the debt-to-equity ratio are significantly lower at 0.60. In the past 52 weeks, Regency Centers Company’s share price has ranged between $51.97 and $75.87, with a high of $75.87 occurring on both occasions. The company’s simple moving average for the past 50 days is 64.33 dollars, and the simple moving average for the past 200 days is 61.16 dollars.

The company just recently declared and distributed a quarterly dividend, and it was done so on January 4th. In addition, the company just recently announced and distributed a dividend. On Friday, December 16th, dividend payments to stockholders who were already on record were sent out. The amount of each dividend payment was $0.65 per share. We can conclude that this is an increase given that the most recent quarterly dividend paid by Regency Centers was $0.63. This translates to a yield of 3.94% and a dividend payment of $2.60 yearly for every shareholder. The ex-dividend day occurred on December 15th, a Thursday a few days ago. At this time, the dividend payout ratio (DPR) for Regency Centers stands at 98.11 percent.

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