Mobility Future Foreseen by Gartner


In the ampleness of mobile applications today, consumer rely more on recommendation engines, social networks, advertisements and word of mouth for sorting out apps for their mobiles. On the study and analysis of this situation, Gartner concludes that by the year 2018, only 0.01% of consumer mobile apps will be financially successful.

Ken Dulaney, vice president and distinguished analyst of Gartner said that, “Although, the large number of mobile apps would indicate that mobiles will explore a new stream of revenue, but the analysis predicts that most of the apps will not generate profit. Besides, there will be a huge amount of apps made for only brand promotion and awareness or just for leisure and entertainment.”

The mobile application sector has been hyperactive and will be more and more active with the rising time. It comprises of more than 200 vendors developing mobile apps development platforms and millions of app developers using them. This has further bolstered the competition in the market. Besides, the plenty of free and good-standard mobile apps will further raise the expectations and competition.

Gartner has also predicted that by the year 2017, 94.5% of apps will be for free. On the other hand, about 90% of paid apps are downloaded less than 500 times a day that makes less than $1.250 a day. These statics are only going to get worse with time.

Gartner also specified two additional predictions about mobility sector as mentioned below:

a) By the year 2016, 20% of mobility enterprises BYOD programs i.e. Bring Your Own Device program will fail because of employment of mobile device management measures by enterprises, which are very restrictive.

b) By the year 2017, the browser on mobile endpoint devices will turn a sophisticated application delivery platform. It will include 50% of new apps with complex client-side JavaScript.

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