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National Bankshares has raised its price target on Cineplex (TSE:CGX) to C$13.00.

National Bankshares has raised its price target on Cineplex (TSE:CGX) to C$13.00.

The price target that the research analysts at National Bankshares have assigned to Cineplex (TSE: CGXprice) has been reduced from C$15.50 to C$13.00 in a research note distributed to clients and investors on Monday. BayStreet.CA is the source from which we obtained this information. Currently, the research and analysis firm for the company has assigned the business the rating of “outperform.” According to the price target for National Bankshares, there is the possibility of achieving a profit that is 66.03% higher than the price at which the stock was last traded.
Additionally, CGX has recently been the focus of several other reports. Cineplex shares were given a “buy” rating and a price target reduction by TD Securities in a research note released on November 11. The price target was reduced from C$17.50 to C$15.50. The observation was made in Cineplex’s quarterly earnings report, which included the report. The Scotiabank research study published on December 21 revealed that the bank was lowering its target price for Cineplex from C$14.25 to C$13.00. In a research report published on September 12, Cineplex was given a rating of “outperform” by the Royal Bank of Canada, which was a downgrade from their previous rating of “sector perform.” In addition, the price target that the Royal Bank of Canada has set for the company has dropped from C$15.00 to C$14.00. According to a research note published on September 12 and dated that day, the price objective that BMO Capital Markets has set for Cineplex has decreased from C$15.00 to C$12.00. BMO Capital Markets provided this information. In a report made public on November 3, Canaccord Genuity Group stated that the price target they had established for Cineplex had been decreased from C$16.00 (Canadian) to C$13.00 (Canadian).
The price of one share of CGX stock dropped by $0.01 on Monday, bringing the total cost of the security to $7.83. The total number of shares transacted by the company was significantly lower than the average volume of 342,960 shares that were reported. The company is estimated to have a market capitalization of 496.13 million Canadian dollars, and its price-to-earnings ratio is -2.46. The market capitalization of the company is in Canadian dollars. The company has a moving average price of $9.70 for the last 200 days, and the moving average price for the last 50 days is $9.33. The value assigned to the debt-to-equity ratio is 7.933.30; the value assigned to the current ratio is 0.34; and the value assigned to the quick ratio is 0.22. Throughout the previous calendar year, the price of a single ticket at Cineplex fluctuated between $7.30 and $14.10 at various points.
On November 10, Cineplex (TSE: CGX) released the most recent report on its financial performance that it had previously prepared. The company reported quarterly earnings per share (EPS) of $0.21, which was $0.12 less than the average estimate of $0.09 per share. The consensus estimate was $0.09 per share. It was anticipated that the company would bring in $330.60 million in revenue for the quarter, but it brought in $339.84 million, a significant increase from the forecasted amount. According to the projections of equity market analysts, Cineplex will bring in 0.88724173 cents per share in profits for the current fiscal year.
Cineplex Inc. and its subsidiary companies operate as a media and entertainment conglomerate in Canada and internationally; their businesses can be found on both continents. Four distinct lines of business can be distinguished within the company: media, amusement and leisure, location-based entertainment, and film entertainment and content. Within movie theaters, the company is responsible for the provision of food service as well as display.


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