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Nikon Co. (OTCMKTS:NINOY) Short Interest Increased by 376.5% in January

Nikon Co. (OTCMKTS:NINOY) Short Interest Increased by 376.5% in January

In January, there was a discernible rise in the number of short positions held by Nikon Co (OTCMKTS: NINOY).

There were 5,100 shares borrowed on January 15, but as of January 31, there were 24,300 shares borrowed, which is an increase of 376.5% from the previous day’s total.

It is possible to calculate the current short-interest ratio, which stands at 0.9 days, using an average daily trading volume of 26,000 shares as the input.

On November 10, Nikon’s most recent quarterly earnings report was made public and given the ticker symbol OTCMKTS: NINOY.

The earnings per share for the company came in at $0.14 for the quarter, which was $0.05 less than the $0.19 analysts had anticipated the company would earn per share. Nikon’s net margin and return on equity were both calculated to be 5.75 percent.

The net margin for the company was 6.35 percent.

The actual revenue for the quarter was $1.03 billion, which is substantially less than the consensus projection of $1.08 billion for the quarter’s revenue.

During the current fiscal year, Nikon is expected to generate revenue of USD 0.93 per share, by the forecasts of financial industry professionals.
The announcement that Morgan Stanley would start covering Nikon shares was made public in a research note published on February 2 and made available online.

The share of stock was given the grade of “equal weight,” which means that it has an equal value.

The closing price of NINOY on Friday was $9.55, reflecting a loss of $0.02 over the trading day.

The company’s stock was traded a total of 2,602 times, which is significantly fewer than the daily average of 9,597 transactions. Over the past 52 weeks, the price of a Nikon camera has fluctuated between $8.55 and $12.93 on average.

The ratio of the current ratio to the quick ratio is 1.41, while the ratio of the current ratio to the quick ratio is 2.27.

The ratio of debt to equity is 0.17. Over the past 50 days, the moving average price of the company was $9.20, and over the last 200 days, it was $9.88.

The company’s market value is currently estimated to be $3.61 billion, and its price-to-earnings ratio is 12.40. 1.46 is the value assigned to its PEG ratio, and 0.56 is the value assigned to its beta.

The Nikon Corporation is an optical equipment manufacturer and retailer.

Their products can be found all over the world.

The company’s business segments include imaging products, precision equipment, healthcare, industrial metrology, and other areas of expertise.

Imaging Products is a retailer and manufacturer of various imaging products.

These products include but are not limited to, interchangeable lenses for digital cameras, compact digital cameras, and digital single-lens reflex cameras.


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