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Nisa Investment Advisors LLC owns $279,000 in Fox Factory Holding Corp. (NASDAQ:FOXF)

Nisa Investment Advisors LLC owns $279,000 in Fox Factory Holding Corp. (NASDAQ:FOXF)

According to the most recent Form 13F filing that Nisa Investment Advisors LLC made with the Securities and Exchange Commission, the company increased the number of Fox Factory Holding Corp. (NASDAQ: FOXF) shares that it owned by a total of 40.2% during the third quarter of 2018.

The corporation now has a total of 3,347 shares of the company in its possession after purchasing an additional 960 shares of the company throughout the quarter.

The most recent filing that Nisa Investment Advisors LLC has made with the SEC reveals that the company has an investment in Fox Factory worth 279 thousand dollars.

Several other notable investors have been involved in the purchase and sale of FOXF shares.

These transactions have taken place in recent years.

During the second quarter, FMR LLC achieved a 138.6% increase in the proportion of Fox Factory stock it owned. Following the acquisition of an additional 402,530 shares during the period in question, FMR LLC now holds 693,019 shares of the company’s stock.

The current market price gives the company a value of $55,815,000. Capital World Investors achieved a 431.9 percent increase in the proportion of Fox Factory stock it owned during the first three months of the year.

After purchasing an additional 267,147 shares during the period, Capital World Investors now has 329,000 shares of the company’s stock, which is currently valued at $32,226,000. Fox Factory received funding from Renaissance Technologies LLC for $17,905,000 during the year’s first three months.

During the second quarter, Sei Investments Company accomplished an increase of 197.9% in the proportion of Fox Factory stock that it owned.

After making an additional purchase of 99,779 shares during the most recent period, Sei Investments Co now possesses 150,208 shares of the company’s stock, which has a value of $12,091,000.

This brings the company’s total number of shares owned by Sei Investments Co to 150,208, an increase of 99,779.

Intrinsic Edge Capital Management LLC made a new investment of $7,494,000 in Fox Factory during the year’s second quarter by purchasing a new holding in the company. Now, hedge funds and other institutional investors own 98.71% of the company’s common stock.
FOXF shares started trading for the first time on Thursday for $120.42 per share.

A debt-to-equity ratio of 0.31, a current ratio of 3.31, a quick ratio of 1.97, and a current ratio of 3.31 are some of the present financial ratios.

The moving average for the company over the past 200 days comes in at $96.45, while the moving average over the last 50 days comes in at $103.92. Over the last 52 weeks, the price of a share of Fox Factory Holding Corp. has ranged from a low of $69.28 to a high of $135.70.

The company has a price-to-earnings ratio of 26.88, which is a factor in the company’s market value, which is $5.09 billion.

The PEG ratio of this animal is 1.54, as is its beta, and the PEG ratio of this animal is also 1.54.
On Friday, January 27, the company’s chief executive officer, Michael C.

Dennison, sold 7,500 shares of company stock.

This is another development that is relevant to this topic.

Because the price of each share was determined to be $115.00 on average, the transaction’s total value was $862,500.00. Following the successful transaction completion, the Chief Executive Officer has direct ownership of 62,701 shares of the company’s stock worth $7,210,615.

The Securities and Exchange Commission was given legal documents about the transaction, which were subsequently uploaded to the SEC website after being provided to the SEC.

A total of 0.17% of the outstanding shares of stock in the company are held by company insiders.

Recently, several research analysts have issued studies on the stock, and those studies have been made available to the general public.

As a direct result of research published on Friday, January 6, Truist Financial has increased its price objective for Fox Factory shares from $108.00 to $115.00.

The price objective was originally set at $108.00.

The inclusion of Fox Factory stock was announced in a report that was issued by on October 12, and the report was published online.

They recommended that shareholders “hold” their shares of the company.

In a research report released on Monday, December 5, Jefferies Financial Group announced that they had raised their price objective on Fox Factory stock from $120.00 to $135.00.

The previous price objective for the stock was $120.00.
Due to research released on Monday, December 5, Stifel Nicolaus has raised the price target that it has assigned to shares of Fox Factory from $115.00 to $133.00.

The previous price target was $115.00. Four analysts recommend purchasing the stock, while three recommend keeping the stock in one’s portfolio.


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