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Oppenheimer on McDonald’s Co. Earnings for Fiscal Year 2022 (NYSE:MCD)

Oppenheimer on McDonald’s Co. Earnings for Fiscal Year 2022 (NYSE:MCD)

The ticker symbol for McDonald’s Corporation on the New York Stock Exchange is “MCD.” In a study published on Thursday, January 5, equities research specialists at Oppenheimer raised their projections for the earnings per share (EPS) that they anticipate McDonald’s shares will generate during the fiscal year 2022. These projections were included in a study that was released to the public. The global leader in the fast food industry is expected to bring in $10.02 per share in revenue this year, an increase from earlier projections of $9.96 per share in earnings. B. Bittner, an analyst with Oppenheimer, provided these estimates. The current earnings forecast for McDonald’s is $9.92 per share, which is the same as the average estimate for the company’s full-year earnings. In addition, Oppenheimer provided earnings projections for McDonald’s in the following quarters:
The fourth quarter of 2022 ($2.51 per share)
The first quarter of 2023 ($2.30 per share)
The second quarter of 2023 ($2.72 per share)
The third quarter of 2023 ($2.88 per share)
The fourth quarter of 2023 ($2.81 per share)
The fiscal year 2024 ($11.74 per share)
On Thursday, October 27, McDonald’s (NYSE: MCD) made its most recent quarterly results report available to the general public by presenting it and making it available online. The industry giant in the fast food sector reported an earnings per share total for the quarter of $2.68, which was $0.11 higher than the average estimate among analysts. McDonald’s had a net margin of 25.42 percent, even though the company had a negative return on equity of 123.4 percent. It was anticipated that the company would bring in $5.70 billion in revenue for the quarter, but in reality, they did business equal $5.87 billion. The corporation reported a profit of $2.76 per share for the same period in the previous year’s financial statements. Compared to the same period in the previous year, the quarterly revenue was 5.3% lower than it had been.
On Friday, the price of a single share of MCD stock was set at $262.16 when trading began. The company’s market capitalization is currently valued at $192.01 billion. Its PE ratio is currently sitting at 33.02, its PEG ratio is at 3.10, and its beta value is at 0.63. The moving average price of the stock over the previous 50 days is $271.05, and the moving average price over the previous 200 days is also $258.85. The price of McDonald’s stock has fluctuated significantly over the past year, reaching a low of $217.68 and a high of $281.67.
Other equity analysts have recently published research on the company that they have been working on. Jefferies Financial Group upgraded McDonald’s from a “buy” rating to a “strong-buy” rating in a research note published on Wednesday, December 21. Additionally, they increased their price objective on the stock from $305.00 to $315.00. Both of these changes were made public. Stephens started working for the company on Thursday, September 22, and his first day was spent covering McDonald’s. They believe the company should have an “overweight” rating and have determined that a price objective of $280.00 is appropriate. The Royal Bank of Canada gave McDonald’s a “outperform” rating in a research note published on Friday, October 28.
Additionally, the Royal Bank of Canada increased its target price for McDonald’s from $275.00 to $295.00, reflecting its belief that the company will continue to outperform its competitors. Finally, Morgan Stanley raised their price target on McDonald’s stock from $274.00 to $285.00 and upgraded the company from an “underweight” rating to an “overweight” rating in a research report published on Friday, October 28. Additionally, they increased their price target on the stock from $274.00 to $285.00, moving it up from the previous price of $274.00. In a research report released on Thursday, Barclays increased their price objective for McDonald’s from $295.00 to $310.00 and rated the company as “overweight.” This was the last and most important item on the agenda. Twenty research analysts rated the company as a buy, while only five gave it a hold rating. The average rating for a company’s stock is either buy or hold. The information that Bloomberg provided indicates that the stock is currently rated as a “Moderate Buy,” and the price objective that the consensus has determined is set at $288.00.
As a result of the recent activity in the market, several hedge funds have recently made adjustments to their holdings of the stock. The First National Bank of Mount Dora Trust Investment Services increased McDonald’s stock by 10.2 percent over the last three months of the previous year. First National Bank of Mount Dora Trust Investment Services now possesses 8,864 shares of the stock of the fast food giant, which gives the portfolio a value of $2,336,000 after purchasing an additional 824 shares during the preceding quarter. This brings the total number of shares in the portfolio to 8,864. During the last three months of 2018, Capital Investment Advisors LLC completed a 2.1% increase in McDonald’s stock as a percentage of its overall holdings. After making additional purchases totaling 636 shares during the most recent quarter, Capital Investment Advisors LLC now holds 31,208 shares held by the fast-food giant. These shares have a total value of $8,224,000. The value of Modus Advisors LLC’s holdings in McDonald’s experienced a quarterly increase of 2.4% during the period covered by this report. At the end of the most recent fiscal quarter, Modus Advisors LLC was the owner of 8,736 shares of the stock of the fast-food giant.
The value of these shares was $2,302,000 at the time. Compared to the previous quarter, this represents an increase of 207 shares. In addition, the value of General Partner, Inc.’s holdings of McDonald’s shares increased by approximately 714 thousand dollars over the final three months of the previous year (2018). And finally, during the final three months of 2018, Abner Herrman & Brock LLC made a 7.3% increase in the amount of McDonald’s stock it owned, bringing its total ownership percentage to 12%. The limited liability company Abner Herrman & Brock LLC is now the direct owner of 62,816 shares of the quick-service restaurant chain. As a result of purchasing 4,278 additional shares during the most recent quarter, the value of these shares has increased to $16,554,000, making the total value of these shares equal to $16,554,000. Institutional investors and hedge funds hold the majority of the company’s stock, which amounts to 66.86% of all shares outstanding.
In addition, the business recently announced a quarterly dividend, which was paid out on December 15. On December 1, dividend payments were distributed to investors who were “recorded” as having company shares. The amount of each dividend payment was $1.52 per share. This amounts to a return on the investment of 2.32% per month and a payout of $6.08 per year for the capital contributed. This dividend had an ex-dividend date of November 30, a Wednesday, and the day after Thanksgiving. This constitutes an increase compared to the prior quarterly dividend payment amount McDonald’s made, which was $1.38. McDonald’s current dividend payout ratio is 76.57 percent of the company’s earnings.


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