Pokemon Duel hits Android and iOS after Pokemon Go


Pokemon fans now have another game to play with and have fun – Pokemon Duel. Created by Pokemon Company International, the game is now available on both iOS and Android.

Unlike Pokemon Go, Pokemon Duel is a strategy-based game that cuts all the effort required to walk around and hunt for Pokemons. Instead, it puts them inside the arena for battle against other opponents. Pokemon battles are based on a board game with the opponent.

Both sides get six Pokemon which they can use to battle with opponent’s Pokemons. To win the game, both sides have to try to get one of their Pokemon to the other end of the board.

Battles take place when the Pokemons are blocked by the opponent’s Pokemons in the game. Users can also purchase new Pokemons and evolve their skills as they progress.

“Each Pokemon figure has different strengths and a set number of steps it can take, so you’ll have to plan your moves strategically. Send your Pokemon along different routes in a rush to the goal, or block your opponents Pokemon from advancing,” reads the official website.

Gamers won’t be playing against AI in Pokemon Duel but with real opponents from around the world.

“Players will be matched according to their skill level, so you can enjoy a duel against other players who have records similar to yours,” added the page.

The app is compatible with Android 4.1, iOS 7.0 and above OS versions It also has in-app purchases.
Although new and more animation rich, Pokemon Duel is highly unlikely to attain the level of popularity that Pokemon Go has received.

With over 500 million downloads globally, Pokemon Go has become a worldwide phenomenon ever since it was launched last year. The game requires players to move around and hunt Pokemon, using the smartphone’s’ GPS to track, capture, battle and train the characters.

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Sameeksha Bhardwaj, From ITvoir News Desk