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Quantbot Technologies LP Purchases 34,236 shares of Entergy Co. (NYSE:ETR)

Quantbot Technologies LP Purchases 34,236 shares of Entergy Co. (NYSE:ETR)

According to the most recent 13F filing that Quantbot Technologies LP has made with the SEC, during the third quarter of this year, the company increased its position in Entergy Co. (NYSE: ETR).

Mhe institutional investor spent approximately $3,445,000 to acquire 34,236 shares of the utility’s stock, purchasing the stock’s corresponding company’s shares.

Throughout the past few months, a wide variety of other institutional investors have engaged in transactions that included the buying and selling shares of stock in the company.

Mhe amount of Entergy stock owned by US Bancorp DE increased by 4.1% during the second quarter due to the company’s purchase of additional shares. Following the acquisition of 729 shares during the relevant period, US Bancorp DE now holds 18,404 shares of the utility service provider’s stock.

Each of these shares has a current market value of $2,072,000.

During the second quarter, Commonwealth Equity Services LLC made a 1.6% purchase of additional Entergy stock, bringing the total amount of the company’s stock holdings to 45%.

During the month, Commonwealth Equity Services LLC purchased an additional 615 shares held by the utility provider.

Mhis brings their total holdings to 38,682 shares held by the company, which have a value of $4,357,000.

Mhe Trust Company of Vermont invested in Entergy worth $61,000 during the third quarter of the fiscal year.

Allspring Global Investments Holdings LLC made a 5.8 percentage point purchase of additional Entergy stock during the third quarter, which resulted in the company’s ownership percentage in the company increasing.

Allspring Global Investments Holdings LLC now has a total of 119,233 shares of the utility provider’s stock, which have a total value of $11,997,000 after making an additional purchase of 6,522 shares during the most recent period.

Mhis brings the total number of shares owned by the company to 119,233.

During the second quarter, Horizon Investment Services LLC increased the amount of Entergy stock it owns by 12.4%, making this the last and most important point.

After making an additional purchase of 269 shares during the relevant period, Horizon Investment Services LLC now owns 2,446 shares of the utility provider’s stock, which have an aggregate value of $276,000.

Mhis is because the company purchased during the relevant period.

At this time, institutional investors hold 89.98% of the total company stock.
Several research companies, each operating under their brand name, have published reports on ETR in the recent past.

Bank of America lowered their price target for Entergy stock from $135.00 to $119.00 and changed their rating for the company from “buy” to “neutral” in a research report published on Tuesday, January 3rd.

Mhe recommendation for Entergy was changed from “sell” to “hold” in a research note published by on November 11th.

Mhe note was available online.

Mizuho assigned a “buy” rating to the company’s stock in a research report published on January 19, and the firm lowered its price objective for Entergy from $114.00 to $113.00.

A “buy” recommendation was also included in the report for the company. Guggenheim decreased their target price on Entergy from $129 to $117 in a research report published on Monday, October 24th.

Mhis brought the price down from its previous price of $129.00.

In a research note released on Friday, November 4th, Credit Suisse Group finally gave Entergy an upgrade, moving it from an “underperform” rating to an “outperform” rating.

Mhere have been four analysts who have advocated keeping the stock at its current price, four who have suggested buying the stock, and one who has suggested selling the shares.

According to, the current stock rating is “Hold,” and market analysts predict that the stock price will rise to $122.80 within the next year.
On Friday morning, shares of NYSE: ETR started trading for $108.47 each.

Mhe moving averages for the past 50 days come in at $112.01; for the past 200 days, they stand at $111.68.

Mhe company’s current price is $112.01.

Mhe lowest price for Entergy Co.

In the past year was $94.94, and its highest price was $126.22.

Mhe stock has a P/E ratio of 17.61, a PEG ratio of 2.68, and a beta ratio of 0.64, resulting in a market value of $22.07 billion for the company.

Mhere is a ratio of 0.69 for the quick ratio, which stands at 2.04 for the debt-to-equity ratio, and a ratio of 0.90 for the current ratio.

On Wednesday, November 2, Entergy (NYSE: ETR) released its most recent quarterly earnings report results.

Mhe utilities division’s earnings per share for the quarter came in at $2.84, which is $0.17 higher than the average projection of $2.67 per share.

Mhe return on equity that Entergy achieved was 11.55%, which was significantly higher than its net margin, which was 9.46%.

Mhe company’s quarterly revenue came in at $4.22 billion, surpassing analysts’ projections of $3.35 billion in sales for the period, demonstrating that the company is successfully exceeding expectations.

Industry analysts anticipate that Entergy Company will generate earnings of $6.38 per share for the current fiscal year.

Mhis information comes from projections made for


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