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Quantbot Technologies LP Takes on New Role at H World Group Limited (NASDAQ:HTHT)

Quantbot Technologies LP Takes on New Role at H World Group Limited (NASDAQ:HTHT)

According to the most recent report that Quantbot Technologies LP presented to the Securities and Exchange Commission, the company made a new investment in H World Group Limited (NASDAQ: HTHT) during the third quarter of the fiscal year.

The fund spent approximately $146,000 to acquire 4,354 shares of the company’s stock at approximately $146,000 per share.

There have been additional institutional investors and hedge funds that have either increased or decreased their holdings of HTHT.

This may be the result of either buying more or selling some of their existing shares.

The value of Macquarie Group Ltd’s holdings in H World Group increased by 115.4% over the second quarter.

Macquarie Group Ltd now has 1,879,241 shares after purchasing an additional 1,006,835 in the most recent period.

The value of these shares brings the company’s overall holdings to a total of $71,599,000. Southeastern Asset Management INC, based in Tennessee, increased the amount of H World Group stock owned by 445.4% during the second quarter. Following the acquisition of an additional 513,258 shares during the most recent quarter, Southeastern Asset Management INC (TN) now holds 628,496 shares of the corporation’s stock in its portfolio.

They have a total value of $23,946,000 in their company stock. Ocean Arete Ltd increased the proportion of H World Group stock owned by 448.9% during the third quarter. Ocean Arete Ltd now has 520,400 shares after purchasing an additional 425,600 in the most recent quarter.

The current value of all of Ocean Arete Ltd’s shares in the company is a total of $17,454,000.

The proportion of H World Group stock that Ward Ferry Management BVI Ltd owns increased by 7.2% over the second quarter. Ward Ferry Management BVI Ltd now directly owns a total of 5,522,130 shares in the company, which have a value of $210,393,000 thanks to the recent purchase of an additional 369,300 shares in the company during the most recent quarter.

And finally, during the second quarter, Pictet Asset Management SA added 52.4% more shares of H World Group to its portfolio than it did during the first quarter of the year.

This was an increase from the previous quarter.

As a result of the acquisition of 316,250 additional shares during the most recent fiscal quarter, Pictet Asset Management SA now owns 920,119 shares in the company, which have a value of $35,057,000.

Pictet Asset Management SA purchased these shares during the most recent fiscal quarter.

At present, institutions own a total of 44.79% of the company’s shares.
Several brokerage firms have demonstrated a greater interest in HTHT over the past few months.

In a research note made public on January 11, HSBC announced that the price target they had set for H World Group would be increased from $45.10 to $57.20. Goldman Sachs Group increased their rating for H World Group from “buy” to “conviction-buy” in a research note published on January 10, indicating a greater confidence in their investment in the company.

The rating for H World Group’s stock at was changed from “hold” to “sell” on February 1, meaning the company’s stock is now considered less desirable.

TheStreet improved its previous rating of “d+” for H World Group to a “c-” rating, which was announced in a research note published on Monday, January 30.

The company’s stock has received nine buy ratings from investment analysts, including five buy ratings, one strong buy rating, one sell rating, and four buy ratings.

The information from Bloomberg indicates that the company has been provided a price objective of $49.40 and an average rating of “Moderate Buy.”
HTHT shares were initially offered for sale on Tuesday for $46.39 per share.

The share price of the company’s stock is currently trading at $44.32, which is higher than its 200-day moving average price of $38.58 per share.

There is currently a debt-to-equity ratio of 1.02, a quick ratio of 0.69, and a current ratio of 0.70.

All three of these ratios are currently at their respective levels.

The company’s market capitalization is currently valued at $14.73 billion, its price-to-earnings ratio is currently valued at -44.61, and its beta is currently valued at 1.01.

The lowest point for H World Group Limited over the past year is $21.98, while the highest point for the company over the past year is $50.99.

On November 28, H World Group (NASDAQ: HTHT) disseminated its most recent earnings report to the general public.

The company reported that its earnings per share (EPS) for the quarter came in at $0.32, which was significantly lower than the analysts’ predictions, which were $0.05.

The company’s return on equity and net margin were red for H World Group.

The net margin was down 15.98%, and the return on equity was down 21.89%.

Even though market watchers predicted that the company would bring in $573.77 million in sales for the quarter, the actual amount it brought in is $575 million.

The company incurred a loss of $0.07 in revenue per share compared to the previous year’s results during the same period.

According to the projections made by market analysts, H World Group Limited will suffer a loss of $0.65 per share during the current financial year.

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