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Renewable Energy from Innergex (TSE:INE) CIBC downgraded

Renewable Energy from Innergex (TSE:INE) CIBC downgraded

CIBC research analysts have changed their recommendation for Innergex Renewable Energy (TSE: INE) from “outperform” to “neutral” in a note that was sent out to investors on Tuesday. BayStreet.CA was the one to discover and report this information.

In addition, INE has been the focus of several other reports.

The target price that CSFB has set for Innergex Renewable Energy has increased from C$21.50 to C$22.00, as stated in a research report published on November 21st. As of Monday, this price hike was in effect. On November 9th, TD Securities updated their recommendation for Innergex Renewable Energy, moving it from “hold” to “buy” and establishing their price objective for the company at C$19.50. In a research note, it was stated that this adjustment had been made. In a research report that was made public on Thursday, October 20th, Scotiabank stated that the price goal that they had previously set for Innergex Renewable Energy had been decreased to C$18.00 from C$21.50. The statement was made that the price goal they had previously set for Innergex Renewable Energy had been reduced. National Bankshares gave Innergex Renewable Energy an “outperform” rating and established a price objective of C$23.00 for the company in a research report released on October 17th. Credit Suisse Group upgraded Innergex Renewable Energy to “outperform” and raised their price objective on the stock to C$22.00 in a research note released on Monday, November 21st. The research note was published online. The earnings announcement made by the company included this piece of information. Five financial analysts have suggested that investors buy shares of the company, while only two have recommended that investors keep their current positions. According to information made available by Bloomberg, the company is currently rated as having an average “Moderate buy” rating and has established a price objective of C$20.95 for itself.

A share of Innergex Renewable Energy decreased by $0.59 throughout trading on Tuesday, bringing the price to 15.80 Canadian dollars per share. A total of 219,029 shares of the company’s stock were traded, which is significantly less than the volume of 239,736 typically traded shares. The price-to-earnings ratio for the company is -166.00, and its market value is estimated to be 3.23 billion Canadian dollars at the moment. During the past year, the price of Innergex Renewable Energy has fluctuated between a low of $14.23 and a high of $20.46, which is a record price for the product. $16.26 is the company’s average price over the past 50 days, and $17.50 is its average price over the past 200 days. The current ratio is 0.80, the quick ratio is 0.58, and the debt-to-equity ratio is 345.86. The current ratio is 0.80, and the quick ratio is 0.58. The current and quick ratios are at 0.80, while the quick ratios are at 0.58.

In addition to its operations in the United States of America, Canada, France, and Chile, Innergex Renewable Energy Inc. is an independent producer of renewable energy. The company has a presence in all of these countries. In addition to hydroelectric power plants, wind farms, and solar farms, the corporation is responsible for acquiring, developing, and operating all of the facilities that store energy. As a result, it is possible to classify the business into three subfields: hydroelectric power generation, wind power generation, or solar power generation.


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