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Rockefeller Capital Management L.P. acquires 238,470 Shell plc shares (NYSE:SHEL)

Rockefeller Capital Management L.P. acquires 238,470 Shell plc shares (NYSE:SHEL)

According to the most recent 13F filing that Rockefeller Capital Management L.P. has made with the Securities and Exchange Commission, the investment firm increased its holdings of Shell plc (NYSE: SHEL) during the third quarter. Rockefeller Capital Management L.P. The value of the fund’s holdings of the energy company stock increased by 238.470 shares over the quarter, bringing the total number of shares owned by the fund to 1,844,378 at the end of the period. Rockefeller Capital Management L.P. disclosed to the Securities and Exchange Commission in its most recent report that the company owned approximately 0.05% of Shell at $91,775,000. This information was derived from the firm’s most recent filing with the SEC.

As a further consequence of these modifications, the total number of shares of stock that institutional investors and other hedge funds collectively own in the company has also been modified accordingly. The first three months of 2018 were successful for Wellington Management Group LLP in acquiring a new Shell stake with a total value of 677,739,000 dollars. Arrowstreet Capital Limited Partnership invested a new holding in Shell with a total value of $549,346,000 during the first three months of 2018. During the first quarter, the addition of a new position at Shell resulted in expenses for Bank of America Corporation (D.E.) totaling approximately 321,036,000 dollars. During the first three months of 2018, Capital Research Global Investors invested in a new Shell stock worth 262,275,000 dollars. And finally, during the first quarter, the Royal Bank of Canada purchased additional shares of Shell, which allowed it to increase the amount of the company’s stock it owned. To the tune of 7.74 percent of the company’s shares, hedge funds and various other types of institutional investors are the owners of those shares.

Recently, the company has had written communications from several equity specialists.

As a result of the recent increase in the stock price, Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft raised its price objective on Shell from GBX 2,761 ($33.69) to GBX 2,987 ($36.45) in a research report that was disseminated on Tuesday, December 6th. In a research note released on November 8th, Morgan Stanley indicated that they would be increasing their price target on Shell shares. The previous price objective of GBX 2,860 ($34.90) has been raised to make room for the new price objective of GBX 2,922 ($35.66). The status of Shell shares was changed from “outperform” to “peer perform” in a research report published on January 12th by Wolfe Research. The previous recommendation from Grupo Santander for Shell to “outperform.”


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