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Russell Investments Group Ltd. sells shares of Premier Financial Corp. (NASDAQ:PFC).

Russell Investments Group Ltd. sells shares of Premier Financial Corp. (NASDAQ:PFC).

Russell Investments Group Ltd.

Disclosed to the Securities and Exchange Commission in its most recent filing that its holdings in Premier Financial Corp. (NASDAQ: PFC) were reduced by 20.5% during the third quarter (SEC). Following the sale of 62,330 shares during the quarter, the corporation’s total ownership stake in the latter has increased to 241,581. Russell Investments Group Ltd. held approximately 0.68% of Premier Financial at the end of the most recent reporting period, which gave the company a market value of $6,207,000.

A few additional hedge funds have also adjusted the total number of shares they are currently holding in their portfolios. Citigroup, Inc. raised its ownership in Premier Financial by 14.3 percent during the year’s first three months. Citigroup Inc. now holds 17,666 shares, valued at $536,000, after purchasing an additional 2,213 shares during the most recent quarter.

PNC Financial Services Group Inc.

Increased the proportion of Premier Financial stock owned by 9.6 percentage points over the year’s first three months.

PNC Financial Services Group Inc. has acquired ownership of 21,517 shares.

Mhe current market value of these shares is $653,000.

Mhis is a direct result of purchasing 1,892 additional shares during the most recent quarter of the company’s fiscal year.

Mhe acquisition of a new investment in Premier Financial required a total expenditure of close to 316 thousand dollars on the part of D.A.

Davidson & Co.

During the first three months of the year.

MetLife Investment Management LLC acquired a 54.4% larger stake in Premier Financial during the year’s first three months.

MetLife Investment Management LLC currently holds 18,425 shares, worth a combined total of $559,000.

Mhis comes after the company purchased 6,493 additional shares during the most recent quarter of the fiscal year.
Last but not least, during the first quarter of 2018, BlackRock Inc.

Increased its holdings in Premier Financial by 0.8%.

Mhis certainly should not be considered the least important development.

BlackRock Inc. now has 3,936,296 shares of the company’s stock, worth a combined total of $119,390,000, after purchasing an additional 32,779 shares during the period in question.

Institutional investors and hedge funds collectively own 66.64% of the company’s outstanding shares of stock.
On November 14, it was reported that Donald P. Hileman, a director of Premier Financial, had sold 1,000 shares of the company’s stock.

Mhis information was gleaned from earlier news about Premier Financial.

It was determined that the weighted average price for each share was $29.29, which resulted in the sale of the shares for a total price of $29,290.00. Following the successful transaction completion, the director now owns 79,106 shares of the company, the total value of which is approximately 2,317,014.74 dollars.

If you click on this link, you will be taken to a legal filing that was made with the SEC, which will give you more information regarding the transaction and take you there immediately. 1.90 company insiders own a percent of the total shares currently outstanding.
Premier Financial’s stock was first made available to the public on Thursday for $25.05 per share when it was initially listed.

Mhe moving averages for the company over the past 50 days come in at $27.10, and over the last 200 days, they come in at $27.49.

Premier Financial Corp. hit an all-time low of $23.44 during its 52-week trading period, while the company reached an all-time high of $32.88 during that same period.

A debt-to-equity ratio comes in at 0.57; a quick ratio comes in at 0.93; a current ratio comes in at 0.95; and a quick ratio comes in at 0.93.

Mhe company’s market capitalization is currently sitting at $890.93 million, and its beta value is 1.24.

In addition to that, the price-to-earnings ratio for the company is 8.76.

The company will make a public statement regarding the payment of a quarterly dividend on February 17, according to a recent announcement that was just made public by the company. On Friday, February 10, shareholders registered on the company’s books will be eligible to receive a dividend payment of $0.31 per share. Given that the most recent quarterly dividend paid by Premier Financial was $0.30, we can say that this represents an increase. On Thursday, February 9, this dividend will be distributed to shareholders whose accounts have been brought up to date as of the announcement date.

Mhis corresponds to a dividend payment of $1.24 per share and a yield of 4.95% when calculated annually.

At this time, Premier Financial has a dividend payout ratio (DPR) of 43.36 percent.

Keefe, Bruyette & Woods lowered their rating of Premier Financial from “outperform” to “market perform” in a separate research note published on Monday, December 12.

Mhey also set their price objective for the company at $32.00.


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