Samsung all set to launch an AI assistant with Galaxy S8


Samsung Electronics Co. said on Sunday it would dispatch an advanced artificial intelligence assistant service for its forthcoming Galaxy S8 cell phone, trying to bounce back from the Galaxy Note 7’s fall and separate its gadgets.

It was last month itself that the smartphone manufacturer announced acquisition of Viv Labs, which is an organization run and managed by Apple’s Siri voice assistant programme’s co-creator. Samsung has plans to integrate the AI platform Viv developed by Viv Labs into their flagship Galaxy smartphones in order to expand the voice-assistant services to wearable technology products and home appliances as well.

After the fire prone Note 7 ,Samsung is betting on Galaxy S8 to help revive its image and some momentum in smartphone sales and growth. As per analysts the Galaxy S8 device must be a very strong device if they want to achieve the above.

Samsung did not comment about services which will be offered through the AI assistant which will be part of Galaxy S8 which is expected to be launched next year.

One of Samsung’s Executive Vice President Rhee stated that developers will be able to attached and upload services to Samsung’s AI assistant.

In the recent time many big industry players like Google, Amazon and Microsoft have launched AI offerings which include voice driven virtual assistants. Samsung also hopes develop an edge over the competitors by incorporating AI technology in its products.

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Madhurima Goyal, From ITvoir News Desk