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SG Americas Securities LLC sells shares of Apartment Income REIT Corp. (NYSE:AIRC).

SG Americas Securities LLC sells shares of Apartment Income REIT Corp. (NYSE:AIRC).

The most recent filing that SG Americas Securities LLC made with the Securities and Exchange Commission revealed that the company’s holdings in Apartment Income REIT Corp. (NYSE: AIRC) were reduced during the third quarter of 2018. This information was provided by the company (SEC). Following the transactions that took place during the period, the company now has a total holding of 25,681 shares of the company’s stock. This is a result of the sale of 5,140 shares. At the end of the most recent reporting period, SG Americas Securities LLC arrived at a valuation of $992,000 for Apartment Income REIT. This valuation was based on the most recent available data.

The company has also rebalanced the proportion of its holdings in various other hedge funds. Lazard Asset Management LLC increased its investment in Apartment Income REIT by approximately $32,000 during the second quarter, bringing the total value of its holdings to approximately $70,000 at the end of the period. The value of Private Trust Company NA’s holdings increased by approximately $42,000 during the second quarter due to the addition of apartment income real estate investment trust (REIT) shares. During the third quarter of 2018, Wipfli Financial Advisors LLC increased the number of Apartment Income REIT shares held in its portfolio. Meeder Asset Management Inc. increased the proportion of Apartment Income REIT in which it is invested by 66.0% during the year’s second quarter. Because of the purchase of 724 additional shares during the most recent quarter, Meeder Asset Management Inc. is now the owner of 1,821 shares in the company. These shares have a value of $76,000 thanks to the fact that they were acquired during the most recent quarter. And finally, during the first quarter of this year, First Manhattan Company invested an additional $121,000 into Apartment Income REIT, bringing the total amount of money invested in the REIT to $1,218,000. The vast majority of the company’s shares, or 99.35%, are owned by institutional investors and hedge funds.

When Apartment Income REIT’s shares were first offered for sale on Thursday, the price per share was $36.07. The company’s simple moving average for the past fifty days is $35.93, and the company’s simple moving average for the past two hundred days is $39.11. The debt-to-equity ratio is 1.50, the quick ratio is 0.10, and the current ratio is also 0.10, so the total debt-to-equity ratio is 0.10. During the previous year, Apartment Income REIT Corp. saw its share price range from $33.57 to $55.82 at its highest point. The stock has a P/E ratio of 5.98 and a beta value of 0.89; combined, these numbers result in a market value of $5.41 billion.

In addition, the business recently announced a quarterly dividend, which was paid out on November 30. On Friday, November 18, each stockholder of record received a dividend payment equivalent to $0.45 per share that was paid out. This payment was made. This results in a dividend yield of 4.90% as well as an annual dividend payment of $1.80. Thursday, November 17, was the last day dividends were paid out before they were discontinued. At this time, the dividend payout ratio for Apartment Income REIT is sitting at a comfortable level of 29.85%.

The compilation of available materials in stock includes reports from several research analysts who have each contributed their report. Jefferies Financial Group lowered their price target on shares of Apartment Income REIT from $44.00 to $39.00. It maintained a “hold” rating on the stock in a research report published on Wednesday, October 19. The report was titled “Apartment Income REIT.” In a research note published on November 29, Citigroup lowered their “buy” rating on shares of Apartment Income REIT and decreased their price objective on the shares from $47.00 to $42.00. Both of these moves were made about the company’s stock. In a research report published on December 1, JPMorgan Chase & Co. announced that they were decreasing their price objective on Apartment Income REIT shares to $42.00. Mizuho’s research note on Apartment Income REIT, published on November 10, included a recommendation to “buy” the underlying investment. The price target the company has set for the stock has been reduced from $46.00 to $40.00; however, the stock has been assigned a “buy” rating. Goldman Sachs Group upgraded their rating on shares of Apartment Income REIT from “sell” to “buy” and increased their price target for the stock from $39.00 to $43.00 in a research report released on Thursday, December 8. Apartment Income REIT’s recent performance was considered when making these adjustments. Six analysts think that investors ought to maintain their current position, three analysts think that investors ought to buy the stock, and one expert thinks that investors ought to sell the stock. The company is currently receiving an average recommendation of “Hold,” and its target price is $42.63, as indicated by data sourced from

A real estate investment trust named AIR is dedicated to the ownership and management of upscale apartment complexes situated in the nation’s most populated areas. AIR is one of the most significant owners and operators of apartment communities in the United States. The company has 99 communities spread across 12 states and the District of Columbia, making it one of the largest apartment communities in the country.


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