SHARP Chooses QNET’s E-Commerce Direct-Selling Platform to Market its Proprietary “Plasmacluster Ion Air Purifiers”


Sharp, a leading name in Technology Innovation, today announced its partnership with QNET to market its proprietary Plasmacluster Ion Air Purifiers. As a pilot both companies have decided to place 2 models of Plasmacluster Ion Air Purifiers (Indoor air treatment units and Car air treatment units) on QNET’s redemption e-store currently. The redemption e-store is a part of QNET’s rewards program from where customers can claim gifts in exchange for points earned.

The Air Purifier utilizes Sharp’s Plasmacluster Ion Technology that creates a fresh indoor environment by generating negative and positive ions that eliminate harmful substances – pollen dust, allergens, viruses, molds, gases – and foul smell from air as well as surfaces creating a natural and fresh environment to breathe clean and safe air.

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Sunil K. Sinha, Managing Director & CEO India Region of Sharp Business Systems (India) Limited said, “Purifiers are the need of the day, as we buy Mineral Water, RO or even better water filters. For what? To save us from some petty diseases like upset stomach etc. But what about airborne diseases? H1N1, Bird Flu, Swine Flu, Tuberculosis, and so many others are killing millions in India every year. We are blissfully ignoring this, while taking 20,000 odd Breaths every day! Just consider, 1.34 million premature deaths occurred in 2008 as per WHO from respiratory diseases! This partnership with QNET is expected to provide SHARP the needed impetus for users to experience its benefits , since we also believe that this latest technology needs to be experienced, before it can be confidently promoted and therefore what better medium ,than the word of mouth publicity , which the direct selling offers”

Suresh Thimiri, CEO of QNET’s franchisee in India said, “While there is a lot of synergy between QNET and Sharp, both being companies that place importance on delivering innovative and quality products, our individual strengths complement each other”.

As Product Head of Sharp Business Systems India Limited, Shuvendu Mazumdar commented, “Unlike other air purifiers employing passive method that require the air to pass through a set of filters to clean and recycle the air, Sharp enjoys a competitive edge when it comes to Air Purification Systems as it incorporate an active method that reduces suffocation/ staleness by generating fresh air.” Plasmacluster Ion Technology Mimics Nature by generating Positive and Negative Ions which are released into the air, then reaches out to the surface and the corners of the room destroying infection causing germs & irritants like allergy & asthma triggers, e-Coli, Influenza Virus, H1N1, fungi, pollen etc. This also eliminates bad smell and VOC’s. “Clearly there is a consumer need that is not currently being met. We will use the knowledge gained from consumers to further advance the penetration into this thinly tapped market” he added.

The effectiveness of Plasmacluster Ion Technology has been proven by more than 22 independent and renowned research organizations across the world.This technology won the Invention award in Japan in 2002 and more than 4 crore units have been sold worldwide since then making it truly the next generation Air Purification System.


Sharp air purifiers are available in the QNET redemption e-Store and other regional retails in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Bangalore. They are available as redemption products on QNET’s redemption e-Store with retail prices in other Sharp stores being Rs. 11,990/- and Rs.14, 990/- for the car air-purifier and indoor air-treatment unit respectively.