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Shaw Communications Inc. is owned by Arena Investors LP, which has a stake worth $8.87 million (NYSE:SJR)

Shaw Communications Inc. is owned by Arena Investors LP, which has a stake worth $8.87 million (NYSE:SJR)

According to the most recent Form 13F filing that was made with the Securities and Exchange Commission by Shaw Communications Inc. (NYSE: SJR) (TSE: SJR.B), Arena Investors LP’s position in Shaw Communications Inc. (NYSE: SJR) (TSE: SJR.B) was increased by 91.3% during the third quarter (SEC). The institutional investor had a total holding in the company’s stock equal to 364,900 shares after making additional purchases of 174,200 during the relevant period in question. Shaw Communications is the company where Arena Investors LP holds the third-largest stake, accounting for approximately 4.2% of the company’s total investment portfolio. Arena Investors LP had a stake in Shaw Communications that was equivalent to approximately 0.08% of the company’s total value as of the end of the most recent reporting period, which was $8,873,000.

Alterations have also been made recently to the proportion of SJR common stock held by several hedge funds and institutional investors. Citigroup, Inc. increased its holdings in Shaw Communications by 84.4% during the first three months of the fiscal year. After making a new purchase of 26,258 shares during the most recent quarter, Citigroup Inc. now directly owns 57,377 shares of the company’s stock, which have a value of $1,782,000. This brings the total number of shares that Citigroup, Inc. In the first three months of 2018, BlackRock Inc. increased the amount of Shaw Communications stock owned by 2.7%, bringing its total ownership percentage to 100%. BlackRock Inc. now owns 491,788 shares, which have a value of $15,265,000, following the purchase of an additional 13,125 shares during the most recent quarter. Allianz Asset Management GmbH increased the amount of Shaw Communications stock owned by 1.1% over the first three months of 2018. Allianz Asset Management GmbH presently holds a total of 42,295 shares, which are currently worth a combined $1,314,000. During the most recent fiscal quarter, this goal was accomplished by purchasing 454 additional shares of the company’s stock. In the first quarter of this year, West Family Investments Inc. grew its ownership stake in Shaw Communications by 9.5%, bringing the total percentage of shares it owned to 29.5%. West Family Investments Inc. now holds a total of 12,216 shares of the company’s stock, which have a combined market value of $379,000, as a result of the purchase of an additional 1,063 shares during the most recent fiscal quarter. During the first three months of this year, USS Investment Management Ltd. increased the amount of Shaw Communications stock owned by 1.6%, making this the last and most important point. USS Investment Management Ltd. now owns 343,616 shares of the company’s stock, which have a value of $10,674,000, after making an additional purchase of 5,279 shares during the preceding quarter. At this time, institutions hold over 55.44 percent of the equity in the company.

The cost of purchasing one share of Shaw Communications was reduced by $0.07 during the morning trading session on Tuesday, bringing the current price to $28.58. The total number of shares of the company’s stock that changed hands was 10,283, a significantly lower volume than the average daily volume of 1,408,183 shares. The stock currently has a simple moving average of $27.35 over the past 50 days, and its simple moving average over the past 200 days is $26.57. The $31.60 represents Shaw Communications Inc.’s all-time high and low over the past year. All the financial ratios, including the debt-to-equity ratio, current, and quick ratio, all equal 0.63. There is another way to write the values for these ratios, which are 0.68, 0.63, and 0.63, respectively. The company’s market value is $13.64 billion, and its price-to-earnings ratio is 25.13. The beta of the company is 0.52.

On November 29 of this year, Shaw Communications (NYSE: SJR) (TSE: SJR.B) released its earnings report to the public. The company reported earnings of $0.26 per share for the quarter, which fell short of market analysts’ expectations, who had anticipated earnings of $0.27 per share for the period. The return on equity for Shaw Communications came in at 11.70 percent, while the net margin for the company was 13.57 percent. However, the actual revenue the company brought in for the quarter was $1.05 billion, which is significantly higher than the $1.01 billion analysts anticipated it would bring in for the quarter. The majority opinion of the finance community members is that Shaw Communications Inc. will be profitable during the current fiscal year, as measured by earnings of $1.11 per share.

Additionally, the corporation announced that it would begin disbursing a monthly dividend on the 30th of each month, with the first payment for January. On Friday, January 13, dividend payments to shareholders currently on record will be distributed to $0.074 per share. The dividend will be withheld from shareholder accounts beginning Thursday, January 12. On an annualized basis, this translates to a dividend payout of $0.89 per share, giving the stock a yield of 3.11%. The percentage of revenue distributed to shareholders by Shaw Communications is 76.32 percent.

Commentary on the SJR stock that was made recently came from a few different analysts. Following the release of a study on Friday, Scotiabank changed its recommendation for Shaw Communications from “outperform” to “sector perform.” In a study published on Friday, Desjardins changed its recommendation to “buy” Shaw Communications stock to a “hold” rating. Previously, the recommendation was to “buy” the stock. A report published on Friday by the website gave the stock of Shaw Communications a rating of “sell,” down from the previous recommendation of “hold,” which was issued by the website. The rating of Shaw Communicati


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