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Short interest in Wynn Resorts, Limited (NASDAQ:WYNN) has decreased significantly.

Short interest in Wynn Resorts, Limited (NASDAQ:WYNN) has decreased significantly.

There was a significant reduction in the number of short positions taken in Wynn Resorts, Limited (NASDAQ: WYNN) during December. As of December 15, a total of 8,560,000 shares were available for a short sale; however, as of December 30, there were only 6,750,000 shares available for a short sale. A decrease of 21.1% can be seen here. Based on an average daily trading volume of 3,680,000 shares, the short-interest ratio can be expressed as 1.8 days. The ratio serves as the determinant in this case. At any given time, approximately 7.0% of the total number of outstanding shares of the company’s stock are held in short positions.

Betsy S. Atkins, a director at Wynn Resorts, was involved in a transaction that took place on December 1 and resulted in the sale of 5,707 shares of the company’s stock. It was determined that the price of each share would be an average of $83.65, bringing the total amount paid for them to $477,390.55. Following the completion of the transaction, the director will have a direct ownership stake in 6,690 shares of the company’s stock, which will have an approximate value of $559,618.50 at the time of this writing. Should you follow this link, you will be taken to the SEC filing in which the transaction was discussed in greater detail. Company insiders hold an ownership stake in the company equal to 0.62% of the total shares outstanding.

About WYNN, several different analyst studies have been compiled. In a research note made public by Jefferies Financial Group on September 26, the rating for Wynn Resorts was changed from “hold” to “buy,” reflecting the firm’s recommendation that investors purchase the company’s stock. Citigroup raised their target price for Wynn Resorts stock from $87.50 to $91, and in a research report published on Monday, September 26, they upgraded Wynn Resorts from a “hold” rating to a “buy” rating. In addition, they increased the price they anticipated the stock would reach. A research report on Wynn Resorts was made available to the public on on November 21 and included a recommendation to “sell” the company’s stock. The report’s topic was the stock of the company. JPMorgan Chase & Co. raised their price target for Wynn Resorts stock from $71.00 to $90.00 and changed their rating for the company’s stock from “neutral” to “overweight” in a report that was made public on November 28. In addition, they increased the price target they had set for the stock. According to research by Bank of America and made available to the public on January 4, 2019, the price target for Wynn Resorts increased from $85.00 to $90.00. One of the equity research analysts suggested that investors should sell the stock, while another three believed that investors should continue to hold onto it. Eight of them believe that investors should buy it. The company is currently rated as a “Moderate Buy,” Its price objective is currently set at $99.23, as indicated by the data compiled by

Recent months have seen several of Wynn’s major shareholders adjust the proportion of the company’s stock they own in their portfolios. UMB Bank and the National Association increased the proportion of Wynn Resorts stock that they owned by 200.0% during the fourth quarter. UMB Bank n.a. is now the owner of 300 shares of the casino operator’s stock, which have a value of $25,000 each. This was accomplished by purchasing an additional 200 shares throughout the time frame. $28,000 was spent by Sierra Capital LLC during the second quarter on the acquisition of an additional position in Wynn Resorts. During the second quarter of this year, Mine & Arao Wealth Creation & Management LLC made a brand-new investment in Wynn Resorts for $28,000. This investment was made in the company’s common stock. During the second quarter of this year, Crewe Advisors LLC increased the number of Wynn Resorts shares in its portfolio by 68.0%. After making an additional purchase of 204 shares during the relevant period, Crewe Advisors LLC is now the proud owner of a total of 504 shares of the stock held by the casino operator. These s


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