Since 2014 India has added 268.9 million new internet users


As per a report by Adobe, India currently represents more than half of 500-million new internet users that have come on board in the last three years.

As per Mobile Adobe Digital Insights (ADI) Report, India has a strong position in driving the momentum for cell phones and also the number of new internet users both in Asia-Pacific region and globally.

“The report, based on the global analysis of 1.7 trillion visits to more than 16,000 websites between January 2014 and January 2017, found that smartphones were the source of 500 million new internet users globally. Within this, India delivered a staggering 268.9 million new consumers,” the report said.

The report mentioned that the smartphone traffic in India has gone up by 290% since 2014, while desktop traffic was 6% lower, and tablet traffic stayed at 3%.

In terms of app installation growth, India is leading with a 49% increase since 2014, in contrast to most countries that have experienced a decrease in the use of apps.

“India continues to possess great untapped market potential and the growth numbers showcase huge legroom for the adoption of mobile technology in a big way,” Adobe managing director South Asia Kulmeet Bawa said.

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Madhurima Goyal, From ITvoir News Desk