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South Street Advisors LLC has acquired shares of American Electric Power Company, Inc. (NASDAQ:AEP).

South Street Advisors LLC has acquired shares of American Electric Power Company, Inc. (NASDAQ:AEP).

During the third quarter, South Street Advisors LLC increased its shares of American Electric Power Company, Inc. (NASDAQ: AEP), as stated in the most recent report that the company has submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission. The corporation now has a total of 78,264 shares in its possession following purchasing 72,744 shares during the quarter. American Electric Power is the 27th largest holding held by South Street Advisors LLC. It accounts for approximately 1.7% of the firm’s total assets, making it the 27th largest holding overall. The value of South Street Advisors LLC’s holdings in American Electric Power was determined to be $6,766,000 after the most recent reporting period.

Alterations have been made to the positions other hedge funds held within the company by several other hedge funds. During the second quarter, Lazard Asset Management LLC accomplished an increase of 168.2% in the number of American Electric Power shares that comprised the ownership percentage it held. Lazard Asset Management LLC now has 271,526 shares after purchasing an additional 170,304 in the most recent period. The value of the company’s stock currently stands at a combined total of $26,049,000. During the second quarter, Retirement Systems of Alabama achieved a 2.0% increase in the amount of American Electric Power stock that it possessed, thanks to the company’s stock buyback program. Retirement Systems of Alabama now owns a total of 170,247 shares of the company, which are currently valued at a total of $16,333,00 because the company made an additional purchase of 3,372 shares of the company during that time. During the second quarter, Townsend & Associates Inc. brought the total amount of American Electric Power stock it owned to 6.4% higher than before. Townsend & Associates Inc. now has 21,735 shares of the company following the purchase of 1,305 additional shares during the most recent period. The value of Townsend & Associates Inc.’s stock holdings at this time is $2,065,000. During the third quarter, TIAA FSB achieved a 2.6% increase in the proportion of American Electric Power stock it owned. TIAA FSB now owns 25,996 of those shares, valued at $2,247,000, after purchasing an additional 647 shares. These shares were purchased. During the second quarter of the fiscal year, Hallmark Capital Management Inc. committed $34,000 to a new investment in American Electric Power. Shares of the company are currently held by hedge funds and other institutional investors, who collectively account for 74.33% of the total.

The price of American Electric Power shares dropped by $0.57 during the morning session on Thursday, bringing the total cost of the investment to $91.88. Only 19,347 trades were made, a significantly lower number compared to the average volume of the company’s shares, which is 2,979,067. The price-to-earnings ratio for the company is 19.14, the price-to-earnings-to-growth ratio is 2.91, and the company has a beta value of 0.42. The market capitalization of the company is $47.21 billion. The ratio of its price to earnings to its growth rate is 2.91. The company’s simple moving average value for the 50 days is $94.83, and the value for the 200 days is $94.25, but the value for the 50 days is $94.83. American Electric Power Company, Inc. has seen its stock price go as low as $80.30 over the past year, while it has reached a high of $105.60 over the same period. There is a debt-to-equity ratio that comes in at 1.37, a quick ratio that comes in at 0.69, a current ratio that comes in at 0.79, and a quick ratio that comes in at 0.69.

On Thursday, October 27, American Electric Power (NASDAQ: AEP) published its report describing its performance during the third quarter. The report focused on the company’s financial results. The company’s quarterly earnings per share came in at $1.62, which is $0.05 higher than the consensus forecast of $1.57 provided by the industry experts. The company’s quarterly revenue of $5.50 billion exceeded analysts’ projections of $4.75 billion in sales, proving that it is a leader in its industry despite facing competition from other businesses. The return on equity came in at 10.73% for American Electric Power, while the company’s net margin came in at 13.08%. The company’s quarterly sales growth was 19.6% higher when measured against the same quarter from the previous year. In the same period the year before, the company generated earnings per share that totaled $1.43. The American Electric Power Company, Inc., is anticipated to generate earnings of $5.03 per share in 2018, according to industry analysts’ projections.

In addition, the business disclosed that it would be paying a quarterly dividend to its shareholders on December 9 of this year. The payment was made. Dividend payments of $0.83 were made to shareholders of record on Thursday, November 10. This payment was made. This represents an increase from American Electric Power’s previous quarterly dividend amount of $0.78, which was provided to shareholders. November 9 saw the distribution of a dividend to the company’s shareholders. This results in a dividend yield for the shareholder of 3.61% and an annual dividend payment of $3.32. The percentage of dividends returned to shareholders by American Electric Power comes in at 68.74%.

Several different research companies have provided AEP with feedback on their findings. Mizuho lowered their price target for American Electric Power from $104.00 to $101.00 in a public report on Friday, December 16. In addition, the brokerage firm recommended purchasing the company’s shares with a “buy” rating. Wells Fargo & Company announced, in a research report made public on Wednesday, December 14, that they were increasing their price objective on American Electric Power from $90.00 to $108.00. The research note about American Electric Power was first published on on October 12; the date marks the day the note was made available. They recommended that shareholders “hold” their shares of the company. Guggenheim lowered their price objective for American Electric Power from $109 to $93 in a research note published on Monday, October 24. This brought the total price objective for the company down to $93. BMO Capital Markets upgraded American Electric Power from an “underperform” rating to an “outperform” rating in a research note published on Friday, December 16. Six equity research analysts have assigned a buy rating to the stock, while only four have assigned a hold rating to the stock. According to the data from Bloomberg, the company is currently rated as having a “Moderate Buy” average. Its price objective has been determined to be $101.82, as was reached through consensus.

The American Electric Power Company, Inc. is in charge of all aspects of the electricity industry, including the commodity’s generation, transmission, and distribution. The company’s operations can be broken down into the following business segments: vertically integrated utilities, transmission and distribution utilities, AEP Transmission Holdco, and generation and marketing. The vertically integrated utility sector encompasses all aspects of the energy supply chain, including energy generation, transmission, and distribution for retail and wholesale customers. Vertical integration is a business strategy that combines two or more business models.


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